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Simply if both of those kitchen outlets are supplied from the same circuit with the 20A fuse you have a problem. The maximum available power is: 220VAC * 20A = 4400W. It is usually recommended that a circuit be derated to 80% of it's fused capacity for loads that may be on for any length of time. That takes your recommended available usage to 3520W. So ...


In the end we got a local cooker repair person out to help solve this problem. He fitted a new heater element, and also trimmed about 3mm from the tips of the fan blades.


It sounds like the problem might be with the fan. You may need to access the fan from the back (outside) of the oven; or maybe to access the fan you would unscrew the screws circled in red. Edit- If the fan is not the problem (and the warranty is expired) then I would order a couple more of those retaining clips. If the clips don't come with screws, then ...


It sounds like your control board is failing, considering that unpowering and repowering the unit is not getting it out of the bad state -- replacing it should fix it.

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