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Hidden countertop support brackets are the solution. They hide under the countertop, they are strong so can be used with stones like granite and they make your counter top appear to float. Best of all no knocking knees and use all the bar stools you want because wooden corbels will not get in the way. Make sure they are at least 1/2 inch thick or they will ...


A simple 2x2 cut and then mounted to wall so the table half will rest on it. Then from the underside of the 2x2 attach the table with screws that will pass through the 2x2 but short enough they will not go completely through the table top.


I have used polishing and rubbing compounds to polish and remove scratches from our Corian countertop. A polishing machine definitely saves the elbows. Clear epoxy may be used to fill deep scratches, though it will yellow with time.


It would be very non-standard to raise just sink, and probably more expensive unless the stove is involved. The cabinets are just screwed to the wall. If you take everything apart you can just raise everything 2 inches or whatever you want. The trickiest part is the drain. You will have to remove a section of the old drainpipe and put in a longer section. ...

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