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Is your dishwasher configured so that you can attach it to the sides of the cabinets instead? This method would only require a normal wood drill bit for a pilot hole. You may want to put some tape or a depth stop collar around the bit so that you don't drill all the way through the cabinet walls though. An employee at a local kitchen store told me that I ...


Without photos, it's pretty difficult to answer your questions completely, but... the black stain can usually be removed with oxalic acid ("wood bleach"). As to the bowing along the seam... very often that sort of thing will return to more-or-less its original shape if allowed to dry really thoroughly. I'd leave that one alone until the Witching Hour. The ...


In the end I bought the cheapest jigsaw I could find in the nearest store. I tidied up with a rasp of the type suggested in Jimmy's answer The problems I encountered with the jigsaw were ... The blade wandered from vertical by a really remarkable amount. This didn't show up in my initial testing with scrap wood. I found this impossible to avoid but maybe ...


There are a few tools you can use. It all really depends on what you feel most comfortable using. When I cut out my sinks I use a power saw. Mark your cut lines. Then start the saw an drop it in. Then you use a jigsaw to finish the corners. The reason I use a power saw is because you get straight cuts an is quick. If you chose to do it all with a ...


If there is adequate room at the rear of the sink, or if you worry less about centering and just do the sides and the front, a router will do the job nicely. A laminate trimmer may be a better choice on the "fit's the back of the sink" part as they have a smaller base, but they also have more limited bit size/power - still you could do it in a few passes, ...


I would scribe a line and then use a coarse wood rasp (like a "cheese-grater" type planer) by hand. You will have more control than with a power tool, since it is such a small amount to remove. Then you could smooth it out with coarse sandpaper.


There are many hidden countertop support brackets on the market. Lowes just starting carrying them. I used http://www.counterbalanceshop.com for my kitchen. These would be less visibly then some of the other options.

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