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In my kitchen, there's a wooden cap molding which hides any gap between the backsplash and the wall, stained to match the cabinets. I can't immediately tell whether it was scribed to follow the wall, simply nailed down tight, or if the wall was leveled in that area before the cabinets were installed... but if you're willing to have the backsplash's reveal be ...


If you are installing a tile backsplash, just sort the issue out on the tile substrate. Depending where you want the tile surface, either overlay backerboard and shim to correct the gaps, or rip out the current wall surface and replace with backerboard, shimmed to correct the gap once the tile is installed (which may mean an even gap before the tile is ...


Give the area a wipe over so it's slightly damp, then with a very fine paint brush trace the circle with a very fine line of household bleach. Once the stain has faded quickly remove all of the bleach. You may then need to re oil the area.

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