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If you don't mind the look, I'd suggest a 2x6 run perpendicular to your joists. Ideally, you'd get 3 joists (so a 2x6 slightly longer than 4', assuming you've got 16" spacing) with at least 2 good 3.5" #10 screws each. (Since these are pretty big screws, you'll want to drill pilot and clearance holes.) To attach the rock rings, use 6/7mm -ish cord through ...


You need to provide more information before your question can be properly answered. Yes, the location of the holes are code compliant. But that is only 1 aspect of a code compliant joist. As you know, meeting the limits on one section of code does not exempt you from the others. -- Can you please provide: The requirements for a joist used in the ...

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