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Stuffing the open area with fiberglass will absolutely help, as it will dampen/absorb the sound waves resonating between the joists. It will only go so far, though, as a significant amount of energy from foot fall traffic will still be transmitted through the floor and into the joists, causing the sound vibrations in the first place. To combat that, you'll ...


You could cut a large rectangular hole from the outside and then put a 90 degree turn in the vent pipe upwards before exiting the exterior. The void in the exterior surface would be filled with a piece of wood, like a light mounting block.


You have not mentioned the size of the joist. If it is 2 x 10 or larger I don't see a problem (heck, 2 x 8 might even be fine). The band joist (I call it the rim joist) is primarily for providing an attachment point for the floor joists and for holding the floor joists plumb and true. The load of the wall and structure above is distributed across the bottom ...

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