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I'm not sure if this exists or not. Probably not. However, you have an X Y Problem I'm trying to build a piece of furniture that I can take apart quickly/easily and set up again in another apartment. Commonly used solutions include Furniture bolts Mitre bolts Knock-down fittings AKA furniture blocks Cam lock bolts Woodworking Joints ...


The usual method is to use a jig to drill rows of holes, then use plastic clips that press into the holes and support the shelf. There are many variations, including metal versions, some including holes for screws. You could use dowels but that would look slightly less neat perhaps.


Both versions of green top mud are for embedding tape, blue top is mainly for finishing. Quick-set mud or hot mud as for filling or repairing. Both green and blue top can also be used for filling but take a lot of time to dry

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