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Stock fitting - Male Pipe Thread to sweat (ie, soldered copper) Solder to a section of pipe, screw in, enjoy.


Drywall is a bad substrate for essentially gluing heavy stuff to. It's soft weak gypsum with a facer of laminated paper that can peel right off. If you really want a brick wall inside, I'd recommend just building it right in front of the drywall. Obviously, the sanity of this idea depends on several factors, one of which is the subfloor. If you're on a ...


I will try to figure out you situation. You have only one door the has a good acceptable gap at the top and bottom, but huge in the center. You have new door leaves you are installing, presuming the edges are still factory straight, or like factory straight, if you had to trim on the door to get it to fit the original jambs.. If the door has a 3rd hinge, the ...


You can always use the concept of a sun tube, a mirrored tube that runs from the roof to a room. If the walls of the alcove that houses the skylight are not already white, paint them white. It will reflect more light than a darker color. If you really want as much light from the skylight as possible, mount mirrors on the walls of the skylight.

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