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I have overseen the install of, and eventually tuned up a set of sliders that were 5 sections of glass panels 8 ft each. 2 of the panels, one at each end, were stationary, the other 3 were operable. Each panel weighed about 500 lbs each with 1 3/4" thick insulated glass panels. The wood frame was about 3" thick. The hardware was lift-slide hardware The link ...


Why don't you consider a free-standing TV stand, similar to this? This would easily handle a large LED TV up to at least 50", is easy to move and doesn't require covering your window. Covering the entire window with plywood then mounting an LED TV on it, and having it look good, will take some doing. I would think that you'd want to screw 3/4" plywood ...


I would strongly advise against trying to make an ad hoc mounting for a TV. Its a lot harder than you might think. Use a production mounting arm of some type. A typical example shown below: If you screw it into the window frame it will probably hold.

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