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You can certainly put the R30 batts in between the 2x6 collar ties, but it won't result in an R30 ceiling installation, due the thermal bridging of the collar ties and the resultant gap above them between the insulation batts. I think abetter plan might be to stuff the 6" thick insulation in between collar ties as normal, then lay another layer of 6" thick ...


Moisture-cured polyurethane foam (e.g. Dow Great Stuff), once cured, is just about impossible to remove by solvents or chemicals. Your only solution is mechanical removal (sanding, cutting, sandblasting, scraping, wire wheel, explosives, etc). Your choice of which depends on the substrate, the environs, and whether you're angling for a Darwin Award.


Roxul is our #1 choice of insulation in exposed areas. It is non-flammable. After installation it releases very little dust comparatively. The dust released has really no harmful effects other than slight irritation. It molds and conforms stronger than fiberglass and other roll insulation. Just make your cuts bigger than the area and compact the ...

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