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Break the clips provided, by bending them repeatedly. Start with less then the distance your ceiling is thicker than 1/2". Now put a similar to original bend on the shortened clip as the original did, install per original directions dictate.


It's very difficult to determine what type of ducting was used and if that ducting was properly installed or has an obstructions just by the era the building was built. Since the fan is broken you can try removing it to see what size ducting is currently in place. If your current fan was doing a good job before it broke... meaning you didn't have moisture ...


Calculate the CFM Needed. (Length X Width X Height)/7.5 (7 x 5 x 8)/7.5 = 37.3 CFM Did the 7x5 include a Shower/tub area too? If so, the 50 CFM should be fine. That Fan is a bit overkill for your bathroom, that said Mine is a 190CFM for the same size. The issue you are going to run into is that the fan you chose has a 6" Duct coming from it. ...


Presumably the black and red wires are the hot and switched, corresponding to your current switch. If the box is gounded, that one's good. The issue (depending how the box is wired) may be that the timer needs a neutral connection, and if the box only has "switch loops" run to it it may not currently HAVE a neutral wire - in which case you need to get one ...

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