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I recently came across a receptacle that had "single use" printed on the back near the wire holes, and there was no release mechanism. I had to cut the wires and use the screws on the side to reattach them.


Yes of course you can install a hardwood floor in your kitchen, you just have to wipe up any spillages and water quickly and also look at getting the correct maintenance carried out in that area more frequently.


3/4" gap all around has been the norm that I have seen on old house installs. If the drywall is high enough to make that gap to the framing all the better. That way the gap could be bigger and the base will still cover if you choose to not have shoe mold as many new installs nowadays go that way. The biggest issue for solid wood floors over a large area is ...


if you toliet water is hot then yes its hooked up backwards


Take a tape measure and measure the width by putting the tape measure in the deepest channel and measure across to the other end and take off 1/4 inch. Do the same for the height.


In the US you can almost always (almost... there's certainly exceptions) rely on hot being on the left and cold being on the right. This will be the case for washing machine hookups, bath tubs and faucets. I'm not sure if that is a code requirement anywhere, but it is almost universally used. Switching sides would have safety implications because someone ...


Sure. But it's a bad idea, because kitchens are wet and have people walking around in them all the time. A wood floor will scratch and wear quickly, and be exposed to conditions that can encourage warping, rot, or mold. So ideally you want something durable and not affected by water, and probably something that's attractive, too. That pretty much leaves ...


You can install a hardwood floor in the kitchen, but the high traffic and damage caused by dropped foods make vinyl a better choice because vinyl is water resistant and it is physically softer, resulting in fewer broken dishes, and it is much less expensive and easier to replace or cover than refinishing a hardwood floor. But, vinyl and linoleum don't have ...

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