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I need a little more information on the wiring to give an answer. Typically the white neutral wire is bonded to ground, but only at the panel. If this is a switch box, the white wire could be bringing power to the box or returning power back to a light/outlet/switchable device. Essentially, power has to feed "into" the switch with one wire and back "out" ...


Neutral (white) doesn't go anywhere on a plain old fashioned switch. It is used by smart switches. Based on the way the house is wired... If the switch is "on the way" to the light, then the neutral passes through the switch on its way to the light... that is to say, it is spliced to another white wire, probably with a wire nut. If the switch is on ...


With those rough opening sizes, I would have stepped up the door sizes a bit, 32" in a 34" r.o., and 38" in a 40" r.o. You need some space to plumb and level, but 4" is overkill. I tend to install the door as close as possible on the hinge side to the framing (shimming it out for plumb and possibly raising it a bit to keep the top level). I also use a few 3" ...


If you're installing a whole new flange, use the standard rough-in distance of 12" and get a toilet with a 12" rough-in. If the flange is already there and it's less than 12" away from the wall and you don't want to move it, use whatever toilet will fit or install an offset flange.


There's no reason that you can't fasten crown molding to ceiling joists... except that they'll probably only be present along half your walls. Unless you happen to have a hip roof design, the other half will run parallel to the joists and you probably won't have backing. In that case, trim screws with hollow-wall anchors may work, or nails backed up with ...


carpet makes it a good insulator in itself. However, a thick, insulating layer of underlay the carpet will further improve its insulating qualities.


Sure. You can install a spigot on virtually any solid surface. If you can't drill fasteners into the material, it may be feasible to use silicone, spray foam, or another substance to anchor the pipe in the hole, making for a solid installation.


"Gx53 LED Light Bulb 110 Volts 5 Watts Warm White with Lamp Base for Ceiling Downlight Under Counter Lighting (5 Watts)" These are available through Amazon and can be hard wired directly into your existing wiring with individual switches if necessary. Voltage transformers are only another unnecessary weak link you can do without.

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