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The clearance is the space you have to insert the dishwasher...so that would be from your floor, to the underside of the counter's front lip. Nothing bigger can fit through that space. New counter tops can help if you have to make the clearance taller than what's currently there, but that will introduce other issues (like having to raise the rest of the ...


In my own personal experience of this, the floor is capable of enormous movement, even if you undercut at the skirtings. Avoid long, expanses without expansion joints if possible. My floor used to rise, like a small hill, then open into canyons, dependent on the change in the weather and humidity. Remember too, being on edge, it's strong enough to push a ...


First things first: What country are you in? In the first image along the top of that terminal block you can clearly read "earth-N-3-2-1". The second image shows the wiring diagram of how to connect to these quick-wire terminal holes. Blue = Neutral Brown = Live Green/Yel = Earth Unfortunately I have no idea what the two black wires are. What is on the ...


Your first picture shows a diagram on the junction box, where two screwdrivers are prying in certain spots to get it open.

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