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Cellulose insulation is available in batt form (like fiberglass batting,as rolled blankets, with or without vapor barrier). If you don't want to rent a blower, or if you're insulating open walls or ceilings, this may be an alternative. It will probably be more expensive to achieve the same R-value this way.


I am about to embark on such a do-it-yourself air conditioner installation. I have done a lot of electro-mechanical work as a factory maintenance tech and I think I can do it. I have spent many hours watching YouTube videos and reading HVAC books. The main thing you must know is venting refrigerant to the atmosphere is illegal and immoral. If you think you ...


What is the wattage rating of the switch? Many dimmers are 300 watts (or less if they are trimmed to fit in crowded boxes). You are burning 390 watts. You may be overloading the switch. Your instincts about LEDs is correct, assuming the switch is LED compatible. You also need to be sure to select dimmable LED bulbs.

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