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The straight answer is the two whites together go to the white, or neutral, of the fixture. The single black goes to the black, or hot, of the fixture. Leave the other splice alone, just fold it back in the box. None of what you describe is a ground. If there is a bare or green wire anywhere that would be your ground. Also, under some circumstances the box ...


Keep in mind that water weighs around 8.3lbs per gallon. Make sure your structure can support the weight. Pumping water to your terrace is as easy as purchasing a gasoline powered pump and hoses from Harbor Freight. They can be had for $100 USD.


I just installed these under some cabinets, and they work great. Most LED under cabinet lights are similar so... Each "strip" is made to chain to the previous strip. In my installation, the first strip is plugged into an outlet with the large transformer you have pictured, and then a 12v jumper goes from the first to the second, second to the third, etc. ...

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