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So turns out the water valve in the back of my fridge was bad. All rusted out. I broke down and called a technician (thankfully) and he said we were lucky it didn't burst, as it probably would have flooded the house. On top of that, the condenser fan motor was dead. I suspect the former owner knew all of this, and just had his guy go behind the fridge and ...


If no water line is connected then it will not make ice. The making of ice is the sounds your wife heard, so that's why she longer hears anything. It does no harm to have it disconnected and once you reconnect it, it should begin producing ice again.


The solution to my problem was to "reset the fridge"... So, apparently there was a power outage or something like that while the ice maker was making ice, so the fridge lost it's marbles. The solution to this problem was the "reset" the fridge. Go into the menu, find the "default settings" option, and hold "set" till it beeps. I have no idea why this ...

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