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See: http://homerepair.about.com/od/heatingcoolingrepair/ss/wind_ac_troubl.htm or Try searching the internet for "repair air conditioner" or "appliance repair," or "window air conditioner repair." If the compressor starts, but then shuts off, it may be overheating, caused by a blocked tube. A thermal overload device cuts off the electricity to the motor. ...


The tech seems to think the HZ322 is going bad. The good news is they are not terribly expensive and fairly easy to program. So since it started working he could not say what was wrong.


Depends partly on the device. Some electric ranges/cooktops/driers have electronic controls which run on 120V even though they're controlling 240V; they get that 120V by connecting between one leg of the 240V supply and neutral. In that case, obviously, without neutral those controls don't run.

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