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Is there any way you get some air moving through there? I would see if you can vent some of the air out of the area, or bring some drier air in. I am not sure of your DIY level, but you could also buy some of the heavy plastic sheeting and line it yourself. You can use bonding agents to make the joints at the seems, something along the lines of a plastic ...


I'd add this as a comment on KyleL's response, but I don't have the rep to do so yet. You should check to see if your humidifier is fed with hot or cold water. A hot water feed will have an increased rate of evaporation over a cold water feed. If your humidifier is connected to a cold water feed, switching it to hot may fix your problem.


I ran the following tests with an ambient temperature of approximately 70 degrees F. I measured the (hot) water flowing into the humidifier and the water flowing out of the drain to calculate the % evaporation in each case (there is a reasonable margin of error). Furnace running in low stage. Approximate air temperature coming from register is 120 ...

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