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In Washington, DC you want to remove as much water as possible from the dank soup that passes for summer air. Your AC does that. You definitely do NOT want to add any more humidity in the summer, there. In a desert climate you might, but then you'd probably also be looking at a swamp cooler, which does both cooling and humidifying - in a DRY climate.


Please first check your measuring tool by putting it to your refrigerator.it will be around 8C. Can you measure the outside temperature and humidity too if your measuring tool is working? It seems there is a problem in your fan coil supply air temperature because of it high degree;21C. It's normal temperature is 15C in hot summer day. The 21C may lower ...


The humidity swing you mention is accurate for the air, not so for the wood. It does not change that fast. It's all about the MC (moisture content) of the wood when it comes to acclimation. The humidity does affect it but over a period of time. The main thing about acclimating, is getting the new flooring close enough to the humidity of the location it is ...


Humidity is variable everywhere. I live in the desert where the indoor humidity varies from 10% to 60% depending on the time of year. I've installed engineered hardwood and it's totally fine. Don't most houses in the northeast have hardwood flooring? I think you'll be totally fine too. Just keep in mind seasonal cycles; if you install during a high-humidity ...

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