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I had a similar problem in my house, and after considerable whining from my SO, I started digging out and replacing the cracked tiles. That turned out to be rather tedious, as the tiles were well attached to the wall and there was much collateral damage. Ultimately my diagnosis was as Aloysius Defenestrate hints at in the comments. The cracks were along a ...


Just a thought that maybe the ducts could be replaced with PVC instead of metal. Moisture seems to condense on cold steel much easier than plastic. The other thought is to make sure exhaust fan ducts run vertical for a short distance and then run downhill to their terminus at the eave. Try to keep the vertical to a minimum. Exhausting into the attic is ...


You have my sympathy for your situation. Is it possible that exterior air is traveling upstream the vent pipe to the affected exhausts? If so, a well functioning flapper valve at the exterior port should stop it. I looked briefly and found this which is intended for marine motor exhaust, but it certainly should do the trick.


Humid air rises and warm air that can carry more moisture rises. Cooking adds moisture to the air. All else being equal, the dehumidifier has a easier job removing moisture from cooler air with a higher relative humidity. I would place the unit upstairs in the central location with good air circulation, nearer to the kitchen and away from any heat ...

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