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Lehmann is 100% correct, that means your receiver does not have a converter/upscaler inside so you will only be able to view the dvd player on the component OUT, it cannot upscale to a digital format.


I have the same receiver and hit this problem when initially setting it up as well. Essentially, the receiver outputs the video signal in the same format as the input, so: for HDMI inputs use the HDMI output, for component inputs use the monitor out (component) jacks, and for composite inputs use the monitor out (video) jack. For your scenario, you'll ...


You can tell when the lamp dies by measuring the foot lamberts of light from a calibration image when new. I presume you don't have this reference level so, really, the lamp should be replaced when you feel like it's affecting picture quality. Your situation sounds like something more sinister like chip or DMD death.

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