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There are numerous timer switches that replace a conventional switch in a wall box. For example, this is a seven day timer from Honeywell The wiring for simple timers is pretty straightforward. Usually you simply replace the existing switch and wire the new switch the same way. Often you need to add a neutral wire to the switch, and most recently wired ...


You could also consider replacing the switch with a motion-controlled/manual switch combo. Walk in the room and it turns on automatically. Turn it off manually when you go to bed. Bonus lower energy bill if you are forgetful like me.


I did exactly that some years ago, replacing the light switch with an X10 remotely controllable switch, and hang the remote on the wall at the other end of the room. However, that approach will NOT work with LED bulbs, due to the way it powers itself, and may not work safely with fluorescents. (X10 is the low-budget brand which introduced carrier-current ...


You moved the Green to C on one end but the picture with the transformer in the top left shows Green still on G there it should be on C. The picture below you would pull the green wire off of Green at both the stat and furnace and move it to C/Common, then you jumper Yellow to Green at the furnace.

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