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Swinging inch thick wood is liable to trap cat tails. The cat will not enjoy having its tail pinched. I use multiple layers of cloth, say 3 for an inch thick gap, for an effective, cat friendly airlock. Tack or staple in place. Oh yes, you can weight the bottom of the cloth so as to ensure it always hangs properly.


I would suggest that to make it hinge in a workable manner whilst at the same time not detract from the looks on the outside of the cabinet that you cut the wood like this. (This is an on edge view)


If there is such a hinge it would leave a big gap and the door might be too heavy for your cat to comfortably go through it. I looked into this myself and decided it would be best to just use a cat flap like this one. http://store.petsafe.net/2-way-locking-cat-door Alternately you can do something similar like round over the top of your wood and use 2 ...


I will try to figure out you situation. You have only one door the has a good acceptable gap at the top and bottom, but huge in the center. You have new door leaves you are installing, presuming the edges are still factory straight, or like factory straight, if you had to trim on the door to get it to fit the original jambs.. If the door has a 3rd hinge, the ...

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