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I think it's a push latch or a push to close latch for sliding doors- like the one pictured below:


You have two questions. Are face-frame cabinets easier to repair than front-face (Euro style) cabinets? Is particle-board harder to repair than solid wood? The answers to these questions may be different. But how often does this happen? This has never happened to me. I've kicked a hole in an oak door, the hinges were not affected at all. I guess it ...


The particle board cabinets are cheap. If you ever have a leak in the sink they swell up and start falling apart in a very short time. The cabinets that are made out of particleboard usually do have the hinges screwed into the face when the particle board breaks there is no way to really fix it to look good (without repainting /or a new veneer- Cut the ...

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