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If you want the open shutters to run parallel to the wall, some kind of offset hinge is needed. But creating such a hinge to mount the shutters shouldn't be too hard. The pivot point needs to be slightly outward of the midpoint of the well around the window. The lower tail of the hinge in the image can be cut off, or it can be bent to fit against the ...


"Authentic" shutters on thick walls (think stone) are typically on the outside face of the wall, not close to the window inside the recess. "Shutter stone wall" will search you a bunch of images, too many of which have copyright issues for me to sort through them and find a good one that does not.


If it gets wet at all, you will run into problems with galvanic corrosion that will eat away at the hinges. Your best bet is to use materials of similar anodic index (near the bottom of this page on galvanic corrosion). If you absolutely must pair brass and zinc, either ensure that the connection between the two will never get wet (using grease or some ...

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