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Ecnerwal gave you a VERY good answer, and I'd like to underscore one point in a separate answer ("accept" Ecnerwal's answer, mine's just supplemental). I have a neighbor who did something similar, laid pipes into a well-sunlit concrete floor. He learned a strong lesson from doing that: while heat RISES through masonry very very well, heat does NOT travel ...


Sounds like either a bad over-temp switch, or cause for an over-temp. Replace the plenums over temp sensor, or remove obstructions from the air system (dirty coil or filter, closed registers, half detached and now hanging duct insulation.) If all else fails cut the gas back some by slightly closing the gas valve, however be prepared to have to reset the ...


There will very likely be dust in your return duct work if you don't put a filter there (and there probably will still be some even if you do). This doesn't matter, since anything that gets picked up by return airflow is going to get caught by the main filter any way. You don't need a filter there, and you don't need your return cleaned.


Metal is used because it is a LOT cheaper than a wood cover. You can use wood covers, but you have to leave the top open to allow heat to escape (or have a grill). Also, you probably should make the opening at the top somewhat wider than with a metal cover. I would probably put a strip of metal on the inside of the baseboard to protect the wood from heat. ...

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