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The short answer is yes, some might be OK... the FPNs are separate from the actual code; they aren't enforceable. However, if the installation instructions prohibit installation below a receptacle, you're going to be considered in violation. I'd be surprised if any of these types of heaters allowed it... You can always get one of these.


Replace the element, it's shot Most electric (immersion or otherwise) heaters are constructed as "calrods" -- a coil of fine nichrome wire in a metal tube that has been packed with magnesium oxide as an insulator, and had its ends sealed against the ingress of moisture and contamination. However, if water does enter the element (say through a pinhole in ...


All gas furnaces require a flue to exhaust carbon monoxide outdoors, the reason modern units require a fan to do it is due to the circuitous design of modern heat exchangers that extract more heat from the unit before exhausting it outdoors, natural venting will no longer happen if the induced draft motor is not running, So much heat is removed these days ...


Heat pumps do not need a heat strip unless the outdoor temperatures dip well below 40F. Utility financed heat pumps are required to have an outdoor thermostat installed to prohibit the heat strips from energizing unless the ambient temperature is 40F or below. This is the point at which heat pumps performance begins to degrade. Defrost modes require the ...

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