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You may need to know where your incoming and return vents are located. In my house both incoming and return vents are located on the walls but near floor level. So for a/c, the cold air comes out the registers and before it has a chance to rise and cool the the floor it is returned for another pass. If my system was inefficient maybe the cool air would ...


The location of the pump would all depend on ehat kind of a heating system you have. If you have multiple zones and the zone valves are on the supply, then the pump can go either on the return or the supply. If you have multiple zones but with circulating pumps the i would put them on the supply. However, if you do have multiple zones but with circulating ...


In terms of what can be damaged, let's hope the bed bugs, for starters... ;-) 125 F is pretty warm, but it does fall short of, say, actual food cooking temperatures. That's a painfully sunny summer afternoon in Phoenix or Death Valley, but it isn't Dante's Inferno. I can't imagine it harming cereal (unless it was also humid). But I couldn't vouch for ...


I can't be 100% without a relay part number or datasheet -- but most commonly, that type of specification would be 8A switching a resistive load (say a small heating element), and 3A switching an inductive load (say a fan motor). Solid-state inputs and relay coils generally don't draw enough current to be a problem.

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