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The below are all you have to worry about, Yellow need not be wired to Y at the air handler as it is a dummy trminal for convenience, many simply run Y from the stat to the AC unit outside bypassing the Y terminal on the air handler.


Yes, that could work if the roof surface really gets that hot. As you say, essentially take the approach used for "underfloor heating" with PEX tubing and turn it around. You would probably want to keep the tubing pretty close to the surface, and you might want to actually measure the temperature on the roof deck to be sure it will be adequate, but in a ...


Well, it's certainly not pretty. But going to a floor drain rarely is, unless the drain happens to be positioned remarkably conveniently. An alternative would be to drain into a small container with a pump, whose output could be routed as needed. That's what was done in my house. This does require providing power to the pump, of course, but since I have a ...

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