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Searching online using the phrase ""Transite flue pipe" leads to a large number of hits that indicate this type of pipe is for sure an asbestos cement pipe. It does need to be handled as a hazardous material when working with it and removing it. Transite piping was commonly used as a flue pipe and chimney liner for gas appliance venting. It has had to be ...


While in theory gas fitting isn't very different from other kinds of plumbing, the consequences getting it wrong are obviously much worse. If you care about safety enough to want to disable this heater, I strongly suggest that you also care enough to want a pro to deal with disconnection and capping of the pipe. If there's a valve in the line as well as in ...


Start with seeing if there is a valve in the crawlspace that can simply be closed and tagged, but if your intention is to leave the thing in place, not replace it with a safer unit, removing and plugging the line to it (at the source end) would be best.

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