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If you're only worried about the water heater, then you can turn it off and drain it. Shut off the gas You should see a gas pipe connected to the unit. It will likely either be rigid black pipe, or flexible yellow pipe. Follow that pipe until you find the shutoff valve. It should be a quarter-turn ball valve, so you'll only have to turn it a quarter turn ...


A proportional temperature controller will accomplish this task. They are used in industry to do exactly this. Here is an excerpt from Proportional Control Proportional controls are designed to eliminate the cycling associated with on-off control. A proportional controller decreases the average power supplied to the heater as the ...


Unless your experienced in gas heater repairs I suggest to contact a professional service technician. Usually your gas service provider has trained techs on staff. Here is the schematic with trouble shooting assistance for the model posted. Hopefully this PDF opens for you. If not, Google search your model with troubleshooting after it in the search bar... ...


NO. If this electric heat circuit is on a 30A breaker then ALL the wiring on the circuit must be #10cu (or larger). Even if it feeds just one heater.


if you toliet water is hot then yes its hooked up backwards

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