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I assume you are in the USA. The heater is probably a pure 240V load with no need for the neutral (white) wire. you should simply cap the white wire with a wire nut and tuck it back into the electrical box.


500 amps is a pretty decent baseboard heater. A 500 watt heater doesn't need 12/2 wire. 14/2 is fine. It's only pulling 2 amps. Yes, the black wire goes to one side of the 15 amp double-pole breaker and the white wire goes to the other side. The separate thermostat will probably be a control rather than a power switch, this means small signal wire can be ...


It is safe to assume you mean 500 watt and not 500 amp. Yes, you should run 12/2 cable from a double-pole 20A breaker to the thermostat and then from there to the heater. This is the easiest way to run this circuit. Be sure to re-mark the white wire to a "hot" color with tape or easier yet a permanent marker. Use a color like red, blue or black. Be sure ...

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