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some water heaters will burn the elements out if the water is off of corse this electric, If you turn the water off the safest thing to do is turn the gas valve to pilot then the burner cannot come on , and you dont have to worry about gas leask that althow are extreemly rare can happen. with the pilot burning that is not a concern,, this is what most land ...


Sorry, the ONLY way to do this properly is to get the heater on a properly sized 240V circuit. This can be a 15A or 20A depending on what is shared on the circuit and what the distance is (less than a 150' or so circuit run this is not an issue). If you don't want to do it right and find how the t-stat is wired you may be able to put an integral thermostat ...


Low heat output could very well indicate a improper voltage connection. Especially, as you noted, that the 110V receptacle's and the 220V heater are on the same breaker. The repair would consist of separating the outlets and the heater. Depending on the distance to the heater, this is done by running a 10/3 cable and controlling the circuit with a dedicated ...


Tankless water heaters have a flow switch and temperature sensors. Flow switch activates the water heater when water is flowing and the temperature sensors control the amount of heat delivered. Perhaps the flow switch is stuck on.

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