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Ask the manufacturer of the desired system how frequency sensitive their system is. Some equipment will work just fine at either 50 or 60 hertz with no adjustment, some will need some minor changes (move jumper or such), some will need major change (replace motors, or add variable frequency drive), some will not work without a rotary phase converter. Do not ...


Your system is really a 120V/240V/1Ph/60Hz system -- simply use the 60Hz heat pump you identified. (A 50Hz heat pump will likely not work properly on a 60Hz supply.)


You would need a VFD aka variable frequency drive. Here is an example Your load requirements may be different.


I found the solution by playing with it. On the new thermostat, remove the blue and grey wires, as they are just relays to the temperature sensor. Black goes to C, and link E and AUX. In the thermostat settings, go to option 170 and change it to option 2 for heat-pump settings. This process did the trick for me.

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