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Emergency heat comes from heat coils in the air mover on your system. It should be fine but your electric bill will be higher because of the high amperage they draw compared to the heat pump.


I have a wood stove in the lower floor of my house. I cut a vent size opening and installed a temperature activated fan that blew the heat into the intake duct. I started out with just the opening but found the fan made a big difference. When I ran my stove I turned the furnace fan on and the wood stove kept the house warm. On really cold days or if I was ...


No. You may risk damaging your unit by running it in cooling mode when it is too cold out (although some systems have safeties around this), but heating in low temperatures should not damage the system. No. A correctly functioning heat pump should not ever drop below 100% efficiency. This is dependent upon the specific heat pump model. Often, manufacturers ...


If the heat pump has an oporational temp limit it will control itself. Be careful with an awning, it could cause discharge air to recirculate. Not good. Keep the filters clean and don't use much night set-back

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