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There is no doubt that a 2-stage unit will more evenly condition your space, for heating or cooling, that is what they are designed for. The full/partial compressor load capability, combined with variable fan speed commonly offered on 2-stage units, allows the unit to run for longer periods. That reduces temperature swings and would provide more even cooling ...


I agree with everything noted by Jeff. Further to this, you should consider cutting in dampers to aid in your airflow distribution - this should be a relatively easy task. Start with the rooms where you are overcooling the most and work back from there. I would note that dampers may not help with everything -you will struggle to balance the system if your ...


The answer will depend on how much temperature drop/rise there is inside the ducts. A two stage cooling system means that the heatpump will either drop the air return temp a little bit (stage 1 is running, half cooling) or it will drop the air temp a lot (stage two is running, full cooling). Either way the fan moves the same amount of air. In stage 1 mode ...


My problem was a bad run capacitor for the blower, With the air handling unit fan (blower) not running properly this caused my suction line to freeze up.

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