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There are several advantages to having a permanent roof over an outdoor heat pump: keeps direct sunlight off during cooling season keeps rain, leaves, twigs, and branches further away and keeps the unit cleaner no freezing rain can put the blower out of balance with lopsided icing keeps snow away from the top and sides where it would impede airflow ...


This is a classic sign of low refrigerant. Refrigerant is not a consumable, so low levels indicate a problem. This is not something you can fix yourself. Call a technician, but don't let them just top it off and leave; make them stick around to find the leak.


You're right, but only because oil is the worst, most expensive way to heat a home. Pretty much anything beats it, except maybe electric resistance in places with high electricity prices. Wood, gas, and heat pump electric will all beat the pants off oil. That said, even 80% efficiency may be optimistic for a modern high efficiency wood stove. But even if ...

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