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From cut-sheet Rheem FORM NO. P11-755, The second letter (P) in the model identifies it as a heat pump. Most Rheem products are not meant for consumers to service, hence their website not having very technical information.


Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps and are just refrigeration systems. The following are the differences: Air Conditioners Dedicated cooling only systems are often referred to as Air Conditioners and have a single usage cycle that dehumidifies and cools the interior air in the living space. These are turned off in winter time for the obvious reason that you ...


Rheem's own website does seem remarkably unhelpful in suporting your equipment. Searching for RPLB there turns up no results...a sad effort indeed. You should contact them and request information and a manual, and perhaps vent a bit about the website not admitting your product exists. This document from NYC.gov does suggest that what you have is probably a ...


I have been installing on average 10 new heat pump systems per year for the last 25 years. Every year there seems to be one customer that likes to stand next to their new heat pump when it is 40 degrees Fahrenheit and raining. Yes, when it is heating your home by removing heat from the air outside it will begin to build ice up on the coils. This is normal ...

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