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As someone who has had their health severely compromised by mold exposure, I can give you a piece of sound advice: MOVE. NOW. From speaking with numerous industrial hygienists, I have come to learn that neither KILLZ nor bleach effectively remove mold. Walls and ceilings most likely need to be removed in a negative pressure environment. Regular ...


If you are renting you should call the local health department for more information about a second opinion. Small quantities of mold can be remediated with something like kilz. But the source of the mold generation must be removed also. Testing a mold sample is the only way to identify the specific type of mold.


It depends. It depends on the type of mold. It depends on the severity of the infestation. It depends on how many treatments they applied. Bleach is not sufficient or approved for mold remediation. You may need to use something like MoldStat and even then you may need to take additional steps. If the infestation was bad enough you probably could replace ...

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