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Normally you would use floor scraper machine, hand held, MK Diamond 14 Amp 1.5 HP Manual Floor Scraper 167676. You might be able to go to a tool rental location as they may have these, we use Sun Belt Tool Rentals here, but there are others. These mechanical scrapers are loud and create heat to scrape the carpet in strips, you may need another machine to ...


Depending on the kind of glue (ie., those cheap, self adhereing tiles), a heat gun (or maybe a hair dryer) could help (do not use heat in conjunction with paint thinner). Also, many tiles use water based glues... which you could use on concrete, but if you have wood subfloor, you don't want to (water) damage the wood. Alternative: For the amount of work, ...


If it is vinyl sheet flooring, I pulled up as much as possible to get to the layer the glue is bonded to and used paint remover. It soaked through the layers, softened the glue where I could use a 4" drywall taping knife to remove it to the subfloor.

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