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I prefer baseboards with no shoe molding. I think it looks cleaner. I believe that show molding is usually installed when adding flooring later. It may be when carpet is replaced or when a flooring guy comes in later during new construction. Baseboards are usually thick enough to cover any expansion gap for the floor.


Baseboards provide a useful function in a house. They are not purely aesthetic. They protect the bottom of the drywall from being damaged, they build a stopping point for dirt, they keep drywall/paint from being damaged by feet (shoes). Anyone buying a house with drywall walls would expect some sort of minimal baseboard. Shoe molding has three issues. ...


Traditionally in my area is hardwood, then baseboard and shoe molding. For sure I would put down the floor first. Otherwise whatever baseboard you put in can't be changed out easily, if it's wedged between the wall and the baseboard. Maybe google it and look at photos, pick what you like best.


It's just a matter of aesthetics. Shoe moulding with no baseboard isn't really considered very nice, but there's certainly no reason it won't work, as long as the shoe moulding you choose is wide enough to cover the expansion gap you leave between the wall and the flooring. However, there's no reason you have to throw away the old baseboard if there's ...

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