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You can sand the floor, and re-finish it. Again have a chair mat which ensures that your floors are protected from the scuffs and scratches that chairs will make as they slide around. You can get one here.


We've refinished some of our douglas fir trim in place - can definitely be done. However, if you're taking down the walls (plaster) and replacing with drywall, then you may create some gap problems - Our plaster (lath + plaster) is 1.25" thick, but drywall is 1/2" or 5/8", so if your place is like ours, you'll have a 3/4" or 5/8" gap between the back of ...


As others have mentioned, you won't know until you rip up the carpet. Of the floors need to be sanded due to holes from tack strips and/or staples. But, sometimes you are lucky and can do a screen and recoat. That's when you buff the floors and just add a coat or two of poly. I would recommend calling a local hardwood place as they can advise you and do ...


Before you apply any stain, try dampening the area with mineral spirits (which will evaporate off fairly quickly, unlike water). That will give you some idea of what color the wood will be if you just apply a clear varnish over it. Also remember that oil-based finishes will tend to add some yellow to the hue (as will shellac). It's possible that you don't ...

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