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Your picture reveals, to my eyes, an unfortunate situation. The areas where the sun is illuminating the finish reveals that you did not sand enough, the original finish remains and that is the cause of the uneven absorption of the stain. If you really want it to look right you will need to start over, this time spending more time with the sandpaper, ...


We have a similarly old house, and I can say, if you are patient, stripping, sanding, and refinishing can be done in place. We have done casing trim, and baseboards in place, but chose to remove the window apron to refinish that. For grooves, look into dentist picks to pull any paint. For sanding, use odd shapes of scrap with sandpaper adhered to it.


If those refinished stair treads are a common type type of hardwood such as oak, maple or beech you can get 1/4 inch thick plywood with an hardwood veneer on one or both sides. Looks like one sheet of the material would be more than enough to to make your riser skins. Precut the pieces to fit without fastening right away. When you cut them you will want ...

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