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The quarter round (in this case referred to as base shoe) has no purpose other than to conceal the joint between the base and the floor. If you don't remove before you refinish the floors there will be a line in floor where you stopped sanding. It has to come off. I'm baffled that a flooring re-finisher would suggest otherwise.


Contractors are not interchangeable. Each has their own skill set, business model, and targeted market segment. Just asking if it makes sense not to remove the quarter round may be a sign that the person offering to do the work may not be the right fit for your job. The contractor whose business model is largely based on refinishing floors for investors ...


The answer depends on what you are willing to accept for a finished result. Removing the quarter-round allows the edger to reach underneath what is visible when the quarter-round is re-installed. Even the most fastidious edging is going to be visible to close inspection if the trim isn't removed. The extent to which it is obvious depends largely on the ...


Without a picture it is a little hard to say. Depending on the depth you may need to do one or both. If the depth is shallow simply sand and refinish the spot (it will not look like new and particularly in certain light you will definitely always be able to see the spot). If the scratches/gouges are deeper you will have to sand, fill, sand, then ...

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