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If you're really really into a solution here, you want a Flexible Glass Chair Mat. It's that: glass you lay on the floor to protect it. Just Google that term. The first results lead to solutions.


Couple ideas come to mind: Focus near windows, this is the typical location of an HVAC vent. Compare the room with others to find common locations, spacing from the wall, and typical number of vents in the room. If you believe you have located it, a deep sensing stud finder may identify edges of the vent if you start in the middle. Try loud sound/music ...


I have been researching this same question because I have about 1000 sqft of hardwood floors that have been covered by linoleum tile, carpet adhesive, paint overspray, and vinyl flooring glue. I found a few solutions on the internet and am going to try them this week. The most promising options I've seen are: Hand scrape with a solvent that will not stain ...

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