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Sorry to combine many parts of the other answers, but none so far have all the components to fully satisfy your question. First, you definitely need a pulley near the ceiling to remove yourself from the ladder permanently. If you can mount a pulley on your wall perpendicular to the direction of the canoe hoist, you could use this unit. If you need to be ...


Yes, as mentioned in the comments you should definitely be using an additional pulley for a directional change. As for a "brake", go to the outdoors/mountaineering store and ask for a small lightweight "ascender", these will basically allow the rope to pass through in a single direction but grab instantly if the rope moves the other direction with any load ...


If the canoe is getting in the way, can you not put a second pulley wheel with the cord over it off to the side so you can pull the cord from the ground? Then you can just use a standard cleat.


Use a jam cleat or a cam cleat mounted to to the wall. Or you could use the horn cleat that came with the prior system. You wrap the rope around the cleat in a figure 8 pattern, and then tie it off. Alternatively (and this works specifically for canoes), you can put loop of nylon webbing on the ceiling with wire around the top to spread it open, and a ...

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