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A boom hitch (ABoK #1687), might look nice around the log. A simple bowline (ABoK #1010), or other secure loop would be fine for the hooks. A simple loop with a decorative weave on the standing end, might also look nice. That way the decorative bit would be above/below the loop.


For the log end of the rope, it sounds to me like you want to avoid the log tipping to one side and sliding out of the knot. If that's the case, an anchor bend around the center of the log. Another option is a round turn and two half hitches. For the hook end, any loop knot that won't collapse: An overhand loop would be easiest, but either a bowline or a ...


I would suggest a taut-line hitch if you want something that will slip tight or allow you to make adjustments. It has three loops around the main line and is a bigger knot. I suggest a bowline if you want a loop of a fixed size that will not slip. It has some pleasing loops and a bit of a tail.

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