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I really like your ideas but can also understand the previous suggestion of having something that you can use with one hand. I had a couple of ideas. One is to use large hooks intended for bicycles or tools. Here's one example (below in red) but they make different sizes and shapes. Another smaller makeshift solution would be to get one of type ...


The purpose is to hang the frame from a nail or low profile hook. The ridge allows the frame to be shifted slightly to the left or right in the event the frame hangs unevenly. Mounting two hangers on a side spreads the weight between points.


Those are meant to be used to hang the frame. The notches in the hanging bracket are meant to allow a particular position to be selected over a hanger nail in the wall to allow balancing the picture.


What you have suggested are great ideas, but perhaps a bit overkill (unless you intend to hang full reusable grocery bags, gallon of milk included). The best solution I've come across in similar storage searches, is to create a decorative, but sturdy rail, mounted on your wall. They make similar systems for garages that are effectively modular, and ...


There are millions of available types of coat hooks, most of which will look a lot nicer than the carabiners you proposed. The trouble with both of your suggestions is that they require two hands to get things off... one hand to unclip them and the other hand to remove the object. As such they will eventually drive you crazy.

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