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Many dimmers need a minimum wattage load to function. Four of the LEDs is 29.2W and is probably too low for the dimmer. The single remaining halogen alone is 39W (I assume it worked with the dimmer alone) so it's close. Try replacing the dimmer with one designed for LEDs.


You should be able to find a good assortment of the crimp on terminals at any hardware or auto parts store. From your description it sounds like your terminal looks like this: If you do not have the appropriate tool to crimp the terminals onto the wire you can purchase one at the same location that you get the terminals. A low cost crimp tool will likely ...


Does the transformer have an overload shut-off, with an automatic reset? The resistivity of tungsten increases markedly with temperature. A cold tungsten-halogen bulb will draw much more current then a hot one (and they do get very hot!). So the first switch-on with a cold bulb will: Draw a very high current, which: Overloads the transformer, causing it ...


It sounds like your transformer is defective. If you hadn't listed the bulb wattage and transformer capacity, I'd say it is under-sized since this is a common issue when the transformer isn't sized right, but in your case, it sounds like there is enough capacity. Now if your bulbs were 50W, I'd say you are cutting it close. You might opt to take an ...

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