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Of course, try to keep the rain water away from the window wells by putting long downspout hoses on surrounded downspouts. But a more direct method to get around this is to dig down through the rocks in the window well till you come to dirt. Continue digging till you are below the foundation level. Purchase a 3 foot or so piece of pipping they use on water ...


I represented a company that installed roofs and gutters in NC for 4 years. Your gutters are way too far below the shingles. Judging from the pictures this looks like an older house and you may have some issues with how level the roof line is and perhaps that is why. Ideally, you want the gutters touching the shingles on the high end and sloping down ...


Use wider 6" gutters. I'd also add gutters to the upper roof line that dumps onto that portion of the roof that is a problem area. This will help control water flow.

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