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WHITE DISTILED VINEGAR,,,,, I used 3 part vinegar to one part hot water, in a bucket. Poured extra vinegar on the floor ket it sit, wiped with a towel and WAALA,,, NO MORE HAZE!


In the bath with the tile base, there is caulk available that is colored to closely resemble a number of colored grouts. Any of the big box stores will carry a good selection of colors. The wood base will need only a good version of white painters caulk, wiped in with a dampened cloth to make the line only in the joint. I forgot to add this detail about the ...


(As said above) spacers go vertically. To clean out the grout while wet, I just use the spacer and drag it down the grout line. If mortar is dry you can buy the tool to grind down the mortar. If you don't you risk the chance of your mortar color showing through your grout. You also risk the chance of your grout cracking out because it is not thick enough ...


I would use the color matched acrylic everywhere except the shower stall. In the shower, I'd touch up with regular grout and then apply clear silicone. (Just be sure that the shower area is completely dry/clean before you apply the silicone.)

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