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We hired someone inexperienced to grout a tile shower. In their enthusiasm, they mixed up way too much grout to work before it set. His solution was to use it all up by spreading it everywhere. And not adequately wiping the tile surfaces. Unfortunately, the surface film on the tiles after it set was very very difficult to remove. I spent approximately ...


I use epoxy grout all the time. There are good and bad manufacturers for every type of product. So if someone tells you that epoxy grout discolors or has this issue or that... that is really on the manufacturer not the type of grout it is. The epoxy I buy is from HD or Lowes. Each has one main brand. You have to buy the coloring and the additive ...


Answering my own question. Called Custom, they told us that even though these grouts are more flexible than concrete-based products, they still need a stiff subfloor like for a real ceramic tile, or the warranty will be void. So yeah, groutable vinyl tile in my laundry room is it a bad idea.

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