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No. Grout is basically a form of concrete. If this technology existed then when the government needed to redo roads they would just add this magical potion and road would be redone. A small batch of grout mixed properly only has a usable time of a few hours. Once it even gets even a little stiff it is done.


A concrete acid wash , well diluted, about 20 parts water to one of acid, will clean any grout on the floor. But be certain to add the acid to the water, not the other way around, also its an idiot that doesn't use good safety glasses, gloves and caution. Wash down thoroughly after wards with plenty of water.


It looks like the problem is not just the grout (which fills the gap between tiles) but also may be the tile adhesive is separating from the supporting structure (possibly plasterboard/drywall). You can remove grout from between tiles using a variety of tools designed for this purpose. Then you can re-apply grout (and sealant if needed) It seems likely ...


What we did with our 32 year old brick fireplace was paint it white. It was a lot easier than trying to clean the brick and grout.


You should seal the travertine tile face prior to "sticking" them on the wall. I use a tight nap roller or set them flat and tight together and spray light with aerosol sealer and wipe off excess. Use the float and you can get messy with no worries. This will prevent the pits and crevices from holding the grout unless that's the look you want. The grout ...


Mild Sulfamic acid (I've bought it at Home Depot years ago) and wear gloves.

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