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Perhaps I don't understand your meaning. Click, one type of vinyl flooring, doesn't use grout. It is waterproof.


No you cannot use a tile mortar or thinset. If you want to adhere wood to a concrete floor you need to use a urethane based adhesive. using a water-based mastic or a cement-based thinset will lead to swelling of the wood fibers and premature failure. For grout you would also need a urethane-based or Epoxe based substance that would remain flexible for ...


Is this on the surface of the slate that you need to get cleaned off? If it is surface haze on the slate I would use 30% Muriatic acid in water. It may slightly etch bare slate but should take the haze off. Remember to always add acid to water, gloves, glasses and fresh air when working with Muriatic it will produce gasses especially if used in stronger ...

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