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OK, now that we see your edit with the pic we know better. That wire is a water bond for the electrical service. It is NOT being used as a ground, it is bonding the metallic water piping system in the house so that in the case of a live wire or component touching a water pipe the circuit breaker will trip. Can you see where it goes? It should go back to the ...


If it is the ground it really doesn't matter this looks like your conductor to the main is your grounding electrode conductor they are regularly in contact with wood studs , touching the paper of Sheetrock inside the walls you are safe , within U.S. NEC code so I would not be worried


If your wiring is right, the ground does not normally conduct current, so it should be fine. (The bare ground runs along paper inside romex after all.)


I am not convinced with all those above. here is the question to know, why you need one grounding or many and the size of the ECC, earth grid, size of the earthing cables based on fault current calculation etc, and all this will be based on mathematical calculation and that should be let you know how you get the max. safety. there is another question which ...


I'm not going to focus on whether or not you should do this, instead I'll focus on how it's supposed to be done. Telecommunications Entering the Building The telecommunications systems should be grounded where they enter the building, which will likely be handled by the utility. The utility will use the intersystem bonding termination; or other means, to ...


This is a bigger can of worms than meets the eye. There are huge arguments over all this. This is a coax grounding block: This is a grounding bar: This is a grounding bridge, your cable company or telephone company probably has one on the outside of the house at the electrical service entrance: What I'd do: Run a ground cable from ...


You don't need to ground UTP wiring... in fact there is nothing to ground on it. (If you were using shielded twisted pair wiring, STP, that's a different story). Any network equipment like switches that needs to be grounded will have a 3rd pin on the power plug and ground itself. That will probably also ground the metal switch rack if the switch chassis is ...

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