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The green wire ends up connected to the chassis of the washer through the connector on the gray wire. If you'd open up the dishwasher you'd see one of the connectors going to a metal plate. If you have a multimeter/continuity tester you can test this by checking the continuity between one of the connectors where the grey cable plugs in at the dishwasher and ...


No. There is no guarantee of good conduction between the radiator and ground. It may be too high a resistance to have any practical effect. And that can change without warning if something happens to the pipes. Better than nothing maybe, but mostly gives you a false sense of security. If you can't get a safety ground and need protection, the recommended ...


This seems extremely dangerous. If the plumbing for the radiators is not grounded, and a fault occurs. You could potentially electrify the entire plumbing system. Worst case scenario. The heating plumbing is electrically connected to the water plumbing, you electrify the plumbing, and everybody in the building dies when they wash their hands.


In the photo, does the bare ground wire run continuously from the Romex, under the screw, to the outlet? Or is that a shorter piece of wire just running from the outlet to the box? In any case, the box is not grounded, based on what you've shared. Take a voltmeter and test between your hot and ground wire in the Romex. You should see ~110V. If so, ...

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