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In all my years I have never seen a device ground screw rated for two conductors. Even clamp type connectors found on GFI devices are only rated for one conductor. You will need to pigtail a single wire to the device. This can be achieved several ways. A green wire nut, a ground crimp, or a standard wire nut are examples.


While most screw terminals are designed for only a single wire, yes you can put both wires on the same ground screw.


Most screw terminals are designed for only a single wire.


You should be able to find ground screws at any home improvement store. Most boxes have a tapped hole for this purpose. If yours does not, you should be able to find grounding clips at the home improvement store as well. Keep in mind, however, that continuity does not equal an adequate ground. Just because you have continuity between two of the boxes, does ...


There is no separate ground bar in that panel because it is the main panel. Both grounds and neutrals share the same bar. Just know that if you add a ground bar only grounds can terminate on that bar. For reference: YES, that is a main panel. It is a split-buss panel. The top twelve spaces are "main" breaker spaces, and technically should only have two-pole ...


There are 2 phase that goes into your house. Each phase is 120VAC with 120 degree phase shift. The dryer and cooktop most likely require 220VAC to operate. The neutral in 220VAC plays a role just like the earth GND in a single phase 120V, which means this neutral in 220VAC does not carry current. That's why the neutral and earth GND can be connected only ...


If it was a bare wire it definitely was a grounding wire. Considering your description I can only assume it was there to bond the canopy.

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