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If it's porous, it's not granite. It may be marble or some other stone, but granite is too dense to take on any appreciable water. That's why it's used extensively for curbs and sidewalks in Vermont, where winter weather is REALLY COLD - if it took on moisture, that moisture would freeze and blow our curbs & sidewalks apart (a technique actually applied ...


The common 2 part epoxies from the hardware store or home center are NOT waterproof. I learned this the hard way using them on boat projects. If you are going to use epoxy, it's worth the few extra bucks for a good one, like WEST System. You will probably also want some fillers like colloidal silica or glass micro beads to control the viscosity and sag of ...


There are many hidden countertop support brackets on the market. Lowes just starting carrying them. I used http://www.counterbalanceshop.com for my kitchen. These would be less visibly then some of the other options.

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