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Have you tried ceramic cooktop cleaner? It's exactly designed for this type of mess, and you can get pastes and scrubbing pads for big messes, and wet wipes for smaller spills and every day use.


This is a fairly "common" issue, that typically occurs due to high resistance at the terminal. The high resistance can be caused by corrosion, or a loose connection. The high resistance causes heating, which causes higher resistance, which leads to more heating. Eventually the insulation on the wire starts to melt, and/or burn. Usually the heat will ...


See this answer by @shirlock homes for using Bar Keepers Friend. That answer is for cleaning shower glass but the Barkeepers Friend website says it can be used to clean and remove discoloration on glass and ceramic cooktops too. I haven't tried Barkeepers Friend on a glass cooktop but I have used it on my stainless steel appliances and it works great ...


Typically no caulking is used when setting a range top into a counter, however in your case where you are getting water from the sink under the lip, a small amount of silicone would not be a problem. The very outside mounting flange of you cook top should not get very hot. If you can touch it when the range is in use, then a standard silicone would be fine. ...


I've used 3 techniques: a plastic razor blade. You can find these at Home Depot. A 3m scrub pad and use a large wooden spoon to apply leverage to it finding a really sharp knife and meticulously scraping it off. All of them are a huge pain and labor-intensive, but seem to be the only way to get the burnt-on crusty stuff off.


You want silicone caulk. Silicone is the classic caulking material and can be extremely heat-resistant. The fancy flexible bakeware that has become popular in the last 5 or so years is molded silicone. I've used the silicone caulks from the home improvements stores before, but I don't know for certain their heat resistant qualities. Search for the terms ...


If it's only chipped, and not actually a crack forming, I'd think that you'd be able to just add a little bit of trim over the very edge. The glass doesn't tend to get too hot over on the sides, but there'd be a good chance of taking a hot pan, and it coming into contact, so you'd want something that could take heat (so not most plastics). It's possible ...

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