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This is NEVER an option. Sure it is. Done in farms across the land. There is nothing inherently wrong with a male-male cord. It is obviously dangerous, but only to people dumb enough to wave the pointy end around while it is plugged into a live circuit. Similarly, the transfer switch is for people who can't figure out how to turn the main breaker off. ...


I worked as a high voltage lineman for 30 years and have seen all kinds of squirrelly generator set ups. It is never a good idea to plug your generator into your home's wiring even if your turn your main off. NEC requires that a transfer switch be used. I have seen more than a few main breakers that had failed and were still on when they showed off. If you ...


I have used a generator backing up through an "outlet" that I also use for welding for decades; that breaker is always off until it is needed for one operation or the other. I have marked every breaker that I want to run off the generator and turn off all the others along with the mains breaker. There is no problem, as long as you do that. Of course, I am ...


I was told by an electrician that the mains breaker does not disconnect the neutral line, only the two halves of the 240 volt feed. Thus you are still connected to the grid. A transfer switch will isolate everything.


Can you? yes it is possible, it will probably even work. Is it a really bad idea, yes. Is it criminally illegal, probably not as long as you are sure to flip the breaker. Is it against code, yes. As others have said use an interlock, or if you need to do it cheaper, buy extension chords for your 3-4 critical appliances and use them.


The transfer switch that MUST be used - as pointed out by Speedy - is essential that it be properly installed in conjunction with how the utility / house wiring is installed. The transfer switch and interlock mechanism is essential for the safety of both you and for the utility folks that may be working on downed utility lines. With out a proper interlock ...


ABSOLUTELY NOT!! This is NEVER an option. You MUST use some form of transfer switch or interlock, along with the proper male inlet. Also, a male-to-male cord is called a "suicide cord" for a reason.


No one mentioned running out of oil. Our generator ran out of oil and totally stopped. When new oil was put in the generator started right up again.

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