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Same meter, then yes, you can, But -- A wise man will not use all the circuits in a new breaker box. The day you find the one you forgot about, there is no place for it to go. The prewired tail on the reliance manual boxes are just not designed to work the way you want. Each circuit has to run from the wire that is under the breaker, to the reliance box ...


User315 is completely correct from a technical viewpoint. I will add, touching the generator, while standing on the ground, are a generator ground rod, no option. Being the path of least resistance, sucks.


I will join longneck, you need to give to give this one to a pro. If you do not understand about back-feeding a circuit, already, it is too easy to kill someone. I say this without exaggeration. The biggest problem with running a generator with a transfer switch is that you have to wire it into your main panel. For basic protection of life, (as well as ...

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