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Pull cord. Does cord pull or just stop stuck? If stuck, then pistons or cord are jammed. Disconnect spark plug. Pull cord. Does spark appear? If no spark appears, problem is electrical. Only thing left is fuel. Cylinders could be flooded, or carburetor is not working or fuel line is blocked. Clean everything.


Most engines don't like to start after extended storage. One cause is a dry cylinder bore which prevents compression. Solution: pull the spark plug and squirt a generous amount of oil into the cylinder. Like 25% of displacement. Turn the generator so the cylinder is vertical and leave it for a few hours so the oil can flow into the piston grooves. Return ...


Three things are required: spark, fuel, and compression. Some generators have a low oil pressure cut off switch. check if the wires are on it. Check it for continuity with a meter. Look again for a stop/run switch. I have never seen a generator without a fuel shutoff valve, so carefully check again. You could also take the fuel line off the carburetor and ...

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