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If the hinges are on the same vertical line, then (as noted by @DA01) the hinge should stay wherever you leave it (absent wind, etc). If the hinges aren't vertically aligned, then the gate will want to swing towards a specific point. You can use this to solve your problem. Imagine that the gate is swinging on a rod, and can go 360° around the rod. If ...


The key would be to make sure the post holding up the gate is absolutely vertical. That's sometimes hard to do (or impossible) hence the use of latches and catches.


The simplest solution I can think of depends upon whether the upper hinge point is threaded or not. If it is threaded, then get a cheater bar, a piece of pipe big enough to fit around the end of the hinge, and give the hinge a twist until the gate no longer sags. If it is a pounded in hinge, get a big hammer. If that doesn't work, replace the upper hinge ...

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