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If you have aprox 3' in the ground and cement around the post it will work (I have a 14' tube gate on a 4x4 just 1 post). I have quite a few of these on my property (+ 10 at least to fence horses) where I could not sink the post deep enough I added a small 6" tire to the end of the gate it carries the load.


No. Those holders give virtually no torsional support. Your gate will tear it right down. Plan on robust posts in a substantial concrete footing to carry that torque load. Either that and do what I did and run some snow fence on a pair of 1/4" vinyl-coated cable. The gate won't contain a toddler, and the snow fence wouldn't either, but it gives a visual ...


Pull the gate off the hinges and notch only the area the hinge bracket covers the thickness of the bracket or slightly more this should come close to giving enough clearance. If more clearance notch the post at the point where the bracket is attached. Done well this is the cleanest looking way and less work than resetting the post or trimming the edge (this ...

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