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It's illogical to compare the efficiencies of gas to heat pump systems because the way they produce heat is completely different. One directly burns fuel to produce heat, the other consumes energy only to move heat around. The source heat for heat pumps is essentially free. Thus calculating heat pump efficiencies will yield numbers well over 100%, something ...


Or... check if that's indeed a propane burning gas fireplace. With a tank outside. If the flue was designed for a gas insert, it's almost certainly not ready for a wood fire. This is a case where you want a professional to look at the situation.


Other factors that affect the safety of a fireplace are the entire surround of the insert, not just the flue. The question didn't mention just the flue. It may be a decorative fireplace designed just for gas inserts, and lined with fibre-board or bricks and mortar that are not fire-rated. Is the lining purely exposed brick? My parents bought a farmhouse ...

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