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To find the leak use dish soap and water in a spray bottle. Either tighten fitting or loosen fitting, apply pipe dope to threads, tighten and retest for leaks. The good thing is the gas company will come out and at least locate the problem for you. They will repair if minor. That would be my choice since they have the proper leak detection tools and ...


It sounds like either a dirty pilot light or your the flame may be getting into your air venturi. I would have the burner pulled and clean both the pilot burner and main burner including venturi tube.


It can be an underground waterway, perhaps your home was built on or near a waterway that was previously enclosed and then buried (sometimes this is done, redirecting an stream or river in a pipe underground)unfortunate if that's the case nothing can be done. I have an old stream running in a pipe about 20 feet from my house. I can feel this super low ...


I've recently had a problem with my gas water heater turning off frequently. When I called the manufacturer, they asked if I had a dryer in the same room. My answer was, "yes, the dryer sits next to the water heater in an open room of the basement." The rep said that was most likely the problem. When hot water heaters are in the same room with dryers, over ...

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