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I had the same problem on a 25 year old furnace. I thought the exhaust was stopped up again, But it was just the vacuum switch causing it. It had dust build up in it. All I had to do was blow into the line connected to the sensor, and it was fine.


some water heaters will burn the elements out if the water is off of corse this electric, If you turn the water off the safest thing to do is turn the gas valve to pilot then the burner cannot come on , and you dont have to worry about gas leask that althow are extreemly rare can happen. with the pilot burning that is not a concern,, this is what most land ...


This would be a last resort but ridges of ledge underground that the foundation may be poured on top of can transmit vibration from hundreds of feet away if the source, (heavy machinery, road traffic, etc.),is strong enough. Can you pinpoint the area of strongest / loudest vibration? If yes what is it closest to?


Any type of photo or even a rough drawing might help get more suggestions from the community. As far as the opening at the hearth being to large you will need firebrick to enclose it to the size required. In place of common cement mortar a refractory-type is used to bond the bricks together. It would be wise to dry- stack the bricks in the proposed location ...

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