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Buy a leak reactant, because soap and water is not good enough: a micro bubble coccoon will appear at the leaks. Call the gas company


90% of the time the thermocouple is bad.bad gas valve or negative air pressure.


Here's at least one for you: http://firstalert.com/component/flexicontent/82-explosive-gas-co/929-plug-in-combination-explosive-gas-carbon-monoxide-alarm I don't know why combination alarms are not more common. Maybe because natural gas has an odor added so it's readily apparent, unlike CO? There also aren't any dual smoke detector (ionizing and ...


Around here (Pacific Northwest), electricity is inexpensive and gas is reasonable too. However, over the last five years, gas prices have declined and will continue to do so and electric has crept up slowly and probably will forever. Almost all houses here have electric dryers and every single rental (house, apartment, condo) is only electric, even those ...


If you are remodelling anyway, it probably costs very little more to move the electric-dryer circuit along with putting in the gas tap. You might at least want to consider roughing in in that circuit with tape to allow wire to be pulled through later, so that installing it when desired wouldn't require opening the wall and drilling holes. If you're ...


The value from what I've learned is the available option to yourself, but more specifically when you resell the home it's a bonus to the potential buyers and seen as positive. Beyond that, until the day comes to sell, and already knowing you wouldn't be using the electrical hookup. There's no value I can think of.

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