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Be advised that your gas valve may be stuck. Based on all the forums I read where everybody was essentially saying "Just get a new igniter (glow plug) I ordered one and replaced mine. No luck. Left it for 2-3 minutes and turned it off. Tried again. No luck. Then I tapped with the handle end of my screwdrive several times and it lit. Tried it several more ...


While in theory gas fitting isn't very different from other kinds of plumbing, the consequences getting it wrong are obviously much worse. If you care about safety enough to want to disable this heater, I strongly suggest that you also care enough to want a pro to deal with disconnection and capping of the pipe. If there's a valve in the line as well as in ...


Start with seeing if there is a valve in the crawlspace that can simply be closed and tagged, but if your intention is to leave the thing in place, not replace it with a safer unit, removing and plugging the line to it (at the source end) would be best.


An electricity meter can cause the low frequency hum, not all by itself, but it does in conjunction with the smart grid system. The smart grid system works from either RF frequencies or pulsing low frequencies on a two-way communication system--most likely this if you are in a suburb or rural area. You can shut off all the electricity at the breaker, but ...


One major difference between the two is energy density. LPG (mostly propane and butane but also contains a significant amount of other stuff) has about 2.4x the energy as natural gas (mostly methane, but ethane and propane are also present). So, you should consider that along with the cost. If you can get natural gas for about 2.4 less (price-wise) per ...


Both systems operate at different pressures. Depending on the appliance, there could be different orifices, burners, regulators, and fittings. Depending on the appliance, a conversion kit may be available from the manufacturer. Though some appliances may not be convertible. Even with a conversion kit, it may be cost prohibitive to convert some appliances.


The feet of all ranges I have moved (20+ of them) are smooth and rounded and have not scratched the floor. But go by the sound it makes when it starts to move: if it sounds like it is gouging or scratching, stop moving immediately and place a protective item under the front feet like a towel, folded newspaper, paper towel, cardboard, etc.


Old bath towels work very well to protect floors if you double or quad fold them. Lift on the front of the kitchen range unit to get the towel in under the front feet or base. Then slide out the range unit the few inches needed. It can actually be helpful to have one person pulling out on the top back of the range (which transfers the weight of the unit ...


You didn't specify what is the failure mode of the unit..!! Did you changed its battery? Assuming its using battery, check for corrosion at battery holder/contacts. High voltage spark points may have carbon or any other residue which might shorting out the arc. If its using piezoelectric generator (battery not used) very likely it may have shorted path in ...

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