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Note that the right answer depends on the type of ant. Exterminator told me that for the small "sugar ants", retail bait traps work as well as anything he could offer. For other varieties, a barrier of sticky poison the ants will walk through and carry back to the nest that way is preferred; pro products are better, and a pro's going to be somewhat better at ...


Ahh, the ancient quest for flatness. You could put down a mortar bed, but it will degrade over time if it is unsurfaced. In general, putting good concrete over bad concrete doesn't work. Trying to flatten just one area of a garage will not be easy. One possible procedure would be to get a jack hammer and remove about 1 to 2 inches of concrete everywhere ...


If you are concerned about cardboard auto igniting in heat, then you don't need to worry. Paper has an auto ignition around 400 deg F.


Yes, You can simply connect an additional button between the PB and GND connections. Just make sure that all of the buttons used are momentary types that spring back to an open condition when not in use.

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