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I think you might be over-thinking this... Having some form of motion-capture still won't help if someone is planning on making a shopping trip in your garage while you're out. If your garage door is opening when you're not there, the likely reason is probably that someone else's remote is using the same frequency. Either way, there's probably a way to ...


If you're into DIY; you could easily create a setup with arduino, you can check if the door is open with infrared distance sensor or a magnetic switch. Or you could just create a circuit that is closed when the door is closed and feed that information into an arduino?


In my experience insulated garage doors are terrible in the summer. While they do a fantastic job keeping the heat in during cold winter months, the lack of ductwork for actively cooling the space makes it into somewhat of a heat-trap with temperatures regularly hitting 120F when its only 90F outside. This all changes though if you have AC running into the ...


Seems unlikely, especially as the garage walls aren't insulated (although concrete blocks and stucco will add a lot of thermal mass). If you're worried about the garage getting too hot, then ventilation and white paint are probably your best solutions.

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