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@ArchonOSX's answer is good, as long as the local drainage is good enough. If not, I'd install a trench drain that extends further down the slope to where it can discharge back onto the sidewalk, but that depends on the situation. I'm guessing the door is 8' wide, and the sidewalk falls 5" across it, which means the sidewalk has about 1/2" per foot pitch. ...


Ok try this. Excavate in front of the garage down deep enough to bury two (or more?) plastic drums with ½" to 1" holes drilled in them. Wrap them with landscape fabric and refill the area with crushed stone. You could also add a trench drain up against the sidewalk that drains into the drums. If you get a torrential rain you will still have issues but for ...


I fixed this. If you check out the video, you’ll see the green track sensor blinking and that meant it was no in alignment with the other eye. Minor adjustments to the fixture and the light went solid green and the remote was back on track!


If you watch the back of the opener starting at around :54 in the video, you'll notice that the LED indicator flashes 4 times. For Craftsman openers, this is almost always the code for an issue with the interrupt sensors. Make sure that they are clean and getting power (no wire breaks, etc.), and then follow the instructions in the owners manual for ...

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