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Would have made this a comment if I had more reputation. I suggest that you leave the power to the garage door opener switched, as @Billy C said. When I had an opener installed I actually had them ADD a switch so I could shut the opener off. As he said, cheap security.


Yes, "it is possible to rewire the light socket with a standard electrical plug outlet AND to remove the switch & wire it to provide constant power to the new outlet." But, I wouldn't do it that way if I was you. All you probably have to do is install a new receptacle into your ceiling near your light bulb & then run NM-B building wire to the ...


Yes, absolutely!. You can do this by pulling out the switch, and splicing together the two wires that formerly went to the switch. Then put a blank cover plate over that switch's electrical box. You should know however, that you don't have to have a constant power outlet for a garage door opener. You can have a garage door opener on a switched outlet ...


Yes, it is possible. In the switch box should be 6 wires: 2 blacks, 2 whites, and 2 grounds. The white wires should currently be wire nutted together. The blacks should currently be screwed onto each terminal of the switch, and the grounds should be wire nutted together and pigtailed to the switch. Of course this all depends on the age of the wiring as it ...

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