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Can't say what's causing your garage door problems but there is a product I bought that can close the door after a set amount of time being open automatically. For $50, it was a small price to pay for some peace of mind and the install was pretty quick too. If interested, you can see it on amazon at: http://amzn.to/RN4Lxi


Probably a bad controller board - whether the better option is a new controller board (lower cost, generally no guarantee) or a new garage door opener (comes with a guarantee) is a call you'll have to make. Put a surge suppressor on the outlet feeding it - they are highly computerized these days. Given the evidence of damage/malfunction, you should also ...


The blinking red light on the sender would indicate that they are mis-aligned. The best way to test this is to remove them from the mounting brackets and hold them a couple of inches apart with the sensors aligned. Have somebody hit the door closer, then point them away from each other. If they work as expected that way, you'll just have to fiddle around ...

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