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I see several solutions: You could install a security camera; Use a garage door sensor, for example Asante Garage Door OpenerĀ  which notifies you by mail, SMS or mobile app; or use a smart home solution, see the review by CNET.


Unless that is built into the opener, you will have to buy or build something. What that something is will depend on your needs and how fancy you want to make it, but it's essentially the same problem as putting an alarm on that door.


My Craftsman garage opener (model 139.53985DM) installed new in Nov. of 2010 suddenly started being very difficult to close. All other functions normal. I finally realized that it was after I had replaced the regular lights with LEDs. I used Sylvania OSRAM 60 watt equivalent bulbs. When I swapped out LEDs with incandescent bulbs, the door closed ...


I saw interference mentioned on a couple of responses. My hardwired buttons worked every time. None of the remotes (including the punch code one) worked. Climbed on step ladder and noticed crackling noise and flickering Compact Florescent Bulb CFL. Took out CFL. Good bye interference Everything works. Thanks


I'd focus first on the mechanical condition of the doors. I have some huge industrial doors (drive-through for semi's) with enormous power openers. They were very distressed from 40 years of abuse, I overhauled them. With such burly openers, I assumed it would be humanly impossible to open the doors by hand. Nope! They threw open easily. And then I ...

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