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Yes, You can simply connect an additional button between the PB and GND connections. Just make sure that all of the buttons used are momentary types that spring back to an open condition when not in use.


Probably by unhooking the opener, operating the door manually, noting were the problems are, and adjusting or lubricating or replacing bad rollers to restore smooth operation by hand, leading to smooth operation by opener. If there are no problems, sticky spots, difficult areas of movement when operating by hand, the opener itself becomes suspect. Aside ...


CFL bulbs used in the opener cause signal blockage until fully lit. I don't know why but while the CFL bulb is flickering the signal gets blocked. After the bulb warms up, and stops flickering (about 30-60 seconds) your garage door remote should work fine. This can be tested easily enough. Does the remote open your door when you just get home and open door? ...

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