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I fixed this. If you check out the video, you’ll see the green track sensor blinking and that meant it was no in alignment with the other eye. Minor adjustments to the fixture and the light went solid green and the remote was back on track!


If you watch the back of the opener starting at around :54 in the video, you'll notice that the LED indicator flashes 4 times. For Craftsman openers, this is almost always the code for an issue with the interrupt sensors. Make sure that they are clean and getting power (no wire breaks, etc.), and then follow the instructions in the owners manual for ...


Sensor lights were out (there is a green and red LED light on each sensor side). I moved an extension ladder that must have "jiggled" the wires at the ceiling corner that powers the sensors. I went up and " re-jiggled" the wires at ceiling and LED lights came on. Garage door now shuts normally. Try this if all else fails as in my case.


I called up tech support this morning. They told me that if the gateway said it was programmed (as indicated by a steady blue light), but the device wasn't appearing, it meant that I needed to reset the gateway. Resetting the Gateway The process for resetting the gateway is you disconnect it from power, then press the recessed button located on the long ...


I had intermittent problems from my house to my detached garage . It seemed that when it got colder the problem worsened . I think the logic board gets weak picking up the signal after a few years . I took a wire coat hanger and opened it up to make a triangle and taped it to the antenna on the unit . It has been working for two months now ! I just gave it a ...


These outlets will need to be GFCI protected if the garage door opener outlet isn't already that way, but yes -- there isn't a limit on how many receptacles can go on a general receptacle circuit. Do double check to make sure that your circuit doesn't serve something else funky though.


You may be violating code - we don't know the breaker size or the wire gauge to your garage. Also, you'll know you've got too much loaded on there if the breaker flips every time you try to open or close your garage door. But short answer is yes, you can. Just install it properly (tons of youtube videos).

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