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According to the instructions, it appears that there are six washers and nuts holding it together. If you only used four, that might be a problem. ;) I would go back over the piece, checking the tightness of the nuts. Side-to-side motion is likely a problem with the nuts, not the legs.


I'm dealing with the same issue on my kitchen table. The best thing I've found to be the option for good results is 91% alcohol (Walmart brand) and a scraper. I've poured it on, let it sit then scrape. I really don't think I'm going to need to do too much sanding before coating it again with some type of sealant.


Mine is attached exactly as in your photo, but it sure is squeeky because of the inability to stabilize completely.


I assume you wiped up the "air freshener", whatever that is, already. If the thing you spilled dissolved the finish and left it rough, then the way to fix it is to get the exact same finish liquid and rub a very small amount of it on the surface and rebuff it. You essentially need to re-build the finish using tiny amounts at a time.


I would echo the responses above, that modifying a wall would be easier/better than modifying the stairs. Based on your drawings, you'd have to chop out about half of the staircase - a major effort. Staircases like that one are built as a unit, then dropped into their place between floors, so breaking them up into pieces and reassembling in place would be a ...

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