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For starters, I am going to guess you used a water based urethane instead of an oil based product? I have never seen a good oil based product react as you described to simple spills. I have seen some damage caused by very hot items being placed on a urethane finish, but normally, liquids will bead up and not penetrate the finish. Even though the water based ...


you can build the table with two legs on two sides, just like the coffee table in the picture. This can keep the stability.


Using two legs at a "T" will result in a table that is very prone to tipping. In the diagram below, the sum of the moments (torque) about the R1-R2 axis must be zero for the table to remain in equilibrium. Just before the table tips, all the reaction force from the legs against the floor will be concentrated at R1 and R2. If the weight of the table at the ...


I believe you cannot make this stable as you may like. Since you will be placing the narrow leg, the one going parallel with the length, there will be 18" of top extending beyond the thickness of the plywood leg. The other end of the table will be ok, it will only have 8 or 9" overhang of the leg if you use the 20" leg there. If you oriented the legs at a 45 ...

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