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MDF is particularly prone to sagging, and the only way to flatten it and prevent future sagging is to a fix a brace or batten to it. A 1x2" piece of hardwood, as long as possible, should be used (multiple, if possible, along the width). The best way to fasten it would be with Screws through the MDF top (make sure to drill pilot holes and countersinks to ...


As mentioned, goo gone and any similar organic solvent should help... Things like mineral spirits, wd40 etc. Test those in an inconspicuous location first. Neither will harm a poly surface, but unless you finished it yourself you can never know for sure.


This Cam Bolt needs to be turned about 90-180 degrees counter-clockwise. Watch this video: Click Here


These are usually a cam lock assembly. The insert needs to be turned about a half rotation to release it from the cam bolt. Here is a picture of what one of these things look like.


I think it's extremely important to take note what material your lawn and garden furniture are before considering what kind of storage you need. Some type of material, like wood especially because its susceptible to mould and rot, needs to be properly treated before you bunker things down into a storage unit somewhere. Then there are also self storage ...

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