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The existing finish (shellac, linseed oil etc) may be affected by your cleaning solution. Consider using Acrylic finishes, as they, being water based, are less likely to be affected by spirit based cleaning products...


After attempting every known thing at the time, I was faced with removing a thick layer of sticky varnish like finish from my doors,(thick & dark), wanting to restore them to natural pine. Good old 'Sugar Soap' was the only thing to remove it, then a wash down. Brilliant finish to take new sealant too! When restoring antique furniture, I often used a ...


The safest material would be something like a thick plate of polycarbonate. I do not recommend experimenting with normal glass to support anything heavy, especially something that a person would be on.


Don't know where you are, but in my area, the wood from big box stores is extremely variable. Finding a specialty supplier will probably yield better results. To answer your questions: Wood that hasn't been dried much will probably twist and turn more than wood that has dried. That said, wood commercially dried will frequently be twisted by the time it ...

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