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You definitely want to look at Stage Brackets, specifically the cheaper stuff, since this stuff can get expensive. Possible Clamps from this website (have a look on the site for the full range) Also, you could try the Rigging Warehouse I like the look of these pipe locks Lastly lighting effect is good on pric Looks really interesting though. But I ...


For a professional system, Kee Klamps might be what you are looking for: For more DIY accessibility, black pipe is a likely candidate:


Light weight and very expensive; percussionist's rack hardware: (gibraltarhardware.com) The one pictured is probably steel tube and the horizontal bars do have a little bit of a curve, but not like in your picture. I had one that was square, stright and made out of aluminum. You could look into boat canopy hardware (also expensive). For everyone else, ...


You're cutting a mortise. The classic method is to drill a succession of overlapping holes, using a bit that's approximately the width of your desired mortise. You then clean it up/square it up with a (SHARP!) wood chisel. Youtube it and you can see it being done. I would advise you one small thing: I wouldn't run a mortise and tenon joint through the ...

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