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Yes, that should be either plugged, or plumbed as a secondary drain. A 3/4" MNPT plug should do the trick.


The only technical reason that this isn't possible is that the coil needs a specific amount of air to flow through it when it's cooling. So to select the correct coil, you need to know the CFM of the air moving through the air handler. Not impossible to figure out or measure, but might not be easy for an air handler as old as yours. However, if I was a ...


That look like a 1/3 hp motor, which is a 120 volt motor you got 6 wires on that motor three is for fan speed and they are black for high, blue for med.and red for low. you have a capacitor on that motor three wires are on that capacitor a brown, on one side and a yellow and white on the other side, the white wire is one side of power choose the wire speed ...

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