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I cannot see anything to cause alarm. It sounds like a quality of finish issue and not something that would be typical of a home inspection report. Subject to the laws of physics and land use regulations, any construction project is possible if sufficient resources are devoted to its completion. Whether it makes personal or economic sense to reduce the ...


There is visual evidence in photo A3 of one or more interior renovations constructed with less than workman-like quality. Given the age of the house and what portions of the original construction remain, I it would be common for a house of this age to have had a load bearing wall perpendicular to the ceiling joists when originally constructed. If there was ...


As a rule of thumb, if the cracks are getting wider, or the sides of a crack are shifting relative to each other, it may be a structural issue and needs to be looked at by a professional. If the cracks are merely hairline cracks that are getting longer, it's probably ordinary settling and shifting of the building.


Use expanding foam. You can paint it as it's not very pretty.


The future health of the system can only be insured by gutting it. However, you're paying insurance; who cares? I don't really know the ins-and-outs of insurance but perhaps you should send them a letter recommending that they do replace the whole system; providing leverage for you to stand on when it breaks in the future and they want to raise your rate ...


All basement windows will leak given that you have standing water in the area. This issue is about the drainage of water on this section of your house and not about the shape of the concrete. Probably the easiest thing to do is to dig out around this area, add some rock and a drain pipe going out. I can't see in the picture a "well" or cover either. If ...

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