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None of the pictures in your question necessarily point at a foundation issue. You have cracks in your drywall. What could cause these? The first picture is a screw or nail that wasn't set in the drywall properly. This means nothing. The other pictures could be poor drywall techniques. You just bought the house so you never lived through a winter. ...


On the pictures, I see little of real concern there. But. Your description and things there are not pictures of you have described do set off the alarms. You need a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer - one working directly for you, who's only financial incentive is that you pay for the consultation/examination.


You should also ensure good drainage around the outside of your home and that snow is cleared a few feet back from your foundation. I had trouble with water seeping under walls when I did not move snow back a couple of feet from my foundation. The snow would melt and seep under the walls and under my laminate flooring.


I prefer all slab penetrations to be sealed, especially if you are in an area where radon is such of concern to require a vent. Your local building code should spell out what is a locally acceptable material to seal the penetration but any sealant with draft stopping capabilities and made for wet areas should do the trick. As to the water under the slab, ...


You may want to consider a third repair on how to repair block walls. It involves drilling an opening through the wall at a pre-determined angle and sinking a large all-thread rod with an expanding head (like a toggle bolt) into the soil. The expanded end anchors the rod making it rigid and un-moveable. The other end projects from the basement wall. It now ...


Bury black corrugated landacape drain beneath your sump discharge. Use solid drain to get some distance from your house. Then use the perforated version surrounded by gravel to give the water somewhere to go. I did this and also ran it past one of my downspouts, so that both of them are concealed below grade now. Or you can daylight it if the land ...

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