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You can try whatever to the board that is warped. If it works great, if it doesn't you are back to square one. Mineral oil plus dumbbell may work, but it is a factor of the amount of space that is there below the wood. I seriously doubt you are going to condense the water logged wood. So your objective would just be to have the wood flat on the surface. ...


You most likely will overflow the floor drain and damage your surrounding walls/floors.


You'd be amazed how easily a bit of heat helps. Try a paint stripping heat gun and treat the tiles as if they were paint. Depends on the adhesive, but it might be the easy way to get them off.


With these types of tiles you do not want them to break as they are harder to demo when they are in bits and shards. If you try to use a scraper (even power) what inevitably ends up happening is the top of the tile comes off, leaving the much harder to remove bottom on. Also this method severely damages the subfloor, sometimes to the point that you will ...


Step one, which I hope you are already doing - put on a pair of safety glasses. You may also want earplugs, and gloves. Use a masonry chisel (nearly parallel to the floor) to get under it and lift it up. You can also drive it into the grout joints, but if you already have a few tiles out, driving under the remaining ones from the area where some are removed ...


Rent a concrete saw, make cuts more than halfway through it (preferably within an inch of the wooden floor) in a grid pattern, insert prybar in cuts, break chunks loose. Once you get the first chunk out, pry towards the hole.


There are no structural issues with putting extra subfloor on existing subfloor. The only issue this would cause would be matching of the floor heights and possibly your first stair height. (and trim - subfloor could make you reinstall/cut all trim) (and make sure the old subfloor is even/flat or patch it first)


For Linoleum floor, get a pair of very high strength magnets. Take one, slide it around on the floor until it appears to catch on something. Then, following where you think the joist may run (as posted above, shortest run between exterior walls), slide the other magnet until it catches something again. If you are successful, you will have a line between ...


You can get vinyl sheets really cheap especially if you don't care how they look. I have picked up a decent sized sheet for $20 on craigslist. Your other option is polyurethane. 2-3 coats will give you a decent barrier for the water.


Sounds like a job for self-levelling floor underlayment and sheet vinyl (often misnamed as linoleum where cultural memory has not kept pace with actual materials), vinyl tile, or vinyl plank - most wood laminates are going to blow your 1/4."


I won't suggest a brand in particular, but there are commercially available cleaners meant specifically for stripping hardwood/pergo/laminated flooring. A quick Amazon/Google search for 'Floor Polish Remover' brings up many options. It appears that this could be quite the project. It appears as though some people also use a large rotary floor ...

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