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You need to do the math. Check out this free calculator or consult floor joist span tables for what you are doing. This calculator shows 2x4's limited to 5'8" span for eastern white pine. Also the type of lumber is important. http://www.awc.org/codes-standards/calculators-software/spancalc What you plan to do with the room is not relevant. If you build ...


I don't think those rafter ties will work for support. The width of the room isn't what's important so much as the span from support to support. I can't imagine a garage layout that would have a span short enough to make with 2x4's, even sistered. You'd also have to have the attachments to the top plate of the walls adequate to support the weight of the ...


Normally they would access from below - plaster/drywall is easier to both open and repair than flooring.

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