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Since it is constantly filling, then it sounds like you either have a really high water table, or there is a natural spring nearby. Either way, you have a big problem on your hands. You should find the source of the water and mitigate it before doing any further construction. They ran into this problem on one of the homes they were building on Hometime and ...


It all depends on what type of foundation it is, i.e. cement pad, basement, crawl space? Was there water present when the footers were being poured? Is there a crawl space or basement? How deep are the footers?


tl;dr: If the inspector is happy and calls it normal, stop worrying. There is always going to be some ground water, and any of that above the bottom of your excavation will tend to flow into the excavation since that's its easiest route. That doesn't mean there's going to be enough pressure behind it to bother the foundation once you have it completed, ...

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