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Short answer: Find out what the Head inspector will accept and get it in writing. For exterior gypsum, I use Densglass Gold as a backer for siding in Wildland areas that require fire rating. This only requires 1/2" gypsum but 5/8" is available for higher fire rating. And yes I agree that it should go on the outside of the sheathing - but that is for the ...


Ready for muddy water? If you go by solely by code, 2012 IRC Table R302.1(1) specs out a 1 hour TESTED wall assembly with fire from both sides. As an individual component, IBC Specs out a 40 min rating per layer of 5/8" Type X so to have a 1 hour untested assembly you would need two layers EACH SIDE. The only way to get the 1 hour rating is to use a ...

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