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Most current US building codes require filling all holes that penetrate floors with fireblock foam. Building inspectors routinely look for it. The purpose is to slow down the spread of fire from floor to floor, similar to the firebreak blocking required in many jurisdictions in every stud bay in framed walls. This would preclude leaving pull holes and ...


If you don't run conduit, you won't be able to pull wires with a pull string going through holes in studs anyway. So you might as well firestop them (or run conduit and firestop around the outside of it.)


Some approved insulations (such as polystyrene) have a lower heat rating than standard NM cable. Since all conventional insulations can touch an IC rated fixture, cable should be no problem.


Unless you have a really clear idea what to do with one, leave the fire axes to the folks who do know what they are doing with one. When in doubt, get out. Stuff can be replaced. Dead people can't. Killing yourself by trying to fight a fire is bad enough - if you manage to kill firefighters who go in looking for you, it's worse. If it's small and you can ...


what are the considerations that one would use to select a model? who is going to service it? who is going to operate it? what sort of flammable materials will it need to extinguish? what's a rough sizing guideline? In the UK (and possibly EU wide) all extinguishers are marked with an A rating for example a 13A extinguisher - this is related to ...


Look for a Class ABC fire extinguisher for general purpose home use. Size is a preference, but the 2.5 lbs size should be adequate for the household. You could consider upgrading to 5+ lbs for a garage or shop extinguisher. It is advisable to always keep an extinguisher in the kitchen and garage. It never hurts to have more! Class A extinguishers are ...


Do I need to install the barrier in a crawlspace? Yes you need to install the barrier regardless of where it is. What would I use as a barrier since I don't have studs to hang wall board on? Is there an alternative that I am missing? You don't need studs to install drywall. You could install furring strips and then attach the drywall to this. ...

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