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For starters, I am going to guess you used a water based urethane instead of an oil based product? I have never seen a good oil based product react as you described to simple spills. I have seen some damage caused by very hot items being placed on a urethane finish, but normally, liquids will bead up and not penetrate the finish. Even though the water based ...


The only thing I use is lightweight Spackle. First fill is fast with your finger. In 20 mins clean off the excess with a damp sponge. 15 minutes later put on a second coat to fill any indents. Again, after 20 mins sponge it off very gently. After an hour sand it if needed and it will be perfect. Minor touch up if needed until you get the nack. I have ...


Spackle is best. It's cheap, easy, water clean up and you can completely remove it if need be any time later before you paint. And it can't hurt anything, because there's nothing you can't clean it off of or out of at any time later too. First screw, nail and/or glue anything that has movement. fill in all cracks and imperfections, trim to wall and trim to ...


You want spackle. It sticks, it doesn't shrink, and it can be sanded flush. For more detail, see this awesome article that turned me on to the technique: http://www.thejoyofmoldings.com/when-to-use-spackling-and-when-to-use-caulk-moldings/ Spackle is probably one of my favorite compounds; it just has so many uses!


I have always had good luck with pencil fillers such as the one below. It takes a little practice to get it to fill the hole evenly, but works great once you get the hang of it. It will also never shrink, since nothing is drying. These come in all sorts of colors: mostly various wood-shades, but also plain colors such as white.


Less wiping. More time before sanding. Unless you go to something extreme like epoxy putty, it all shrinks. If you leave the filler proud of (sticking above) the hole, let it cure fully, and then sand it down, it should work. In extreme cases you may need to refill and let that cure, but that's adding more time to the program which is probably not good ...

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