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I use the spackle as well. put it on with your finger for the holes along the baseboard, use a putty knife for the outside corners if needed, let dry and then sand. The previous posters method sounds good as well but if you have a lot of baseboard to do that will definitely add some time to the project.


To answer the how should I finish the room question: I don't see insulation as a major necessity here. The room is surrounded by the ground and there is no better insulation than that. You could insulate the ceiling if you so choose. If you are fine with the concrete walls I would use a multi-poxy. I use this stuff on basement and garage floors. It is ...


A hundred years ago, that would be called a 'root cellar', and considered a great place to keep your potato crop or smoked meats. The temperature will be relatively constant down there because of the ground contact. Insulating will actually reduce that thermal buffering effect given the vents. Your problem for guns and art is humidity. I'd start by ...


A few things I'd like to add make clear. There is no need to insulate between floors. However, due to the Stack Effect, you may want to seal large access holes that were left open during original construction. An example is under a bathtub. An osb board cut to the space and air seal around. This will help reduce the temperature differential between floors ...

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