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We installed glass tiles in our kitchen last weekend, and used these spacers. The ones I picked up were black in color, if that makes any difference. Each provides around 1/8" of spacing, and you can add as many as you like to bring your outlet flush with tiled surface. With the adhesive mat + glass tiles we used, I had to use 3 spacers per screw. You may ...


Watch out if you are going to use Decora (the big flat switches or square outlets [like what the GFCIs you should be installing look like]) as the screws holding the cover plate on extend about a 1\4in above and below the box, depending on orientation. Professional electricians should be able to deal with it, but I hate those little screws so I notch the ...


When doing stone or a weird pattern tile like you have I use gaskets. The picture below shows how they work. You can get them at HomeDepot but I don't like those. They sell really nice ones at my local supply store and have a few with the gasket built into the plate. This allows you to get the plate tight without pressuring the tile. All of the gaskets ...


Generally finish material runs just short of the edge of the box. There are box extenders to bring the box level with the surface of the finish material. Cut tile edges are almost always a bit rough. To have them as a visible edge is problematic. Plates overlapping tile edges is almost always better.

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