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I have gone through this too. If it sinking black particles then that is charcoal/carbon. That is from your filter. You can drink/digest it just fine but if that makes you squirmy then take the filter back. Honestly there seems to be something a little off about your filter but at the same time the particles aren't necessarily harmful.


In my area most duct systems are too restrictive as it is. Adding an extra filter would make them more so unless the other filter was removed and the new one was less restrictive. Problems could include AC icing and furnace overheating. As always you can try it and see.


Entirely subjective. But yes, you can do that, and yes it will decrease flow, and yes that's ok. It's definitely not going to improve flow. Test it out and compare to single filter to see what heats/cools your house faster. You can use an energy usage monitor like efergy to quantitatively measure the efficiency of your system with and without the second ...


You can just order a new filter if that makes you feel better. There is nothing wrong with replacing it. However most of the permanent ones can be washed in the dishwasher. I would look at the manufacturers guide and just clean it - as if something isn't broke why fix it. I have found getting replacements can be off by a little and cause issues. But you ...

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