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Single versus dual stage is easy; dual stage is essentially two single-stage filters in succession. Bulkier, more expensive. Better removal of contaminants. Installation is the same. Reverse osmosis is an entirely different technology. It generally has a prefilter because RO doesn't deal with particulates, only dissolved chemicals. It does handle those ...


I finally went ahead and swapped out the filter cartridge. The metallic taste is gone. So, I believe that my theory was probably correct. I'm not going to try to flush out the filter cartridge; I'm just going to throw it out. So, lesson learned: when replacing a filter cartridge, make sure the inside of the filter enclosure is fully clean; don't just ...


Pretty sure most purifiers work by creating ozone, so I don't think you can really avoid it. There may be some type that just pull air through a filter vs doing the thing where it uses ozone to zap the dust or whatever.

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