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I'd consider having a filter holder made up that held two of the cheaper 20x20's at a sufficient angle that the full area of each was working, and made in such a way that the frame of each was fully engaged. Less (replacement filter) cost, more active filter area. How hard that would be to retrofit would depend on your particular installation/constraints.


I think I would buy a replaceable medium frame that can be cut to size and the filter material in bulk like 25' or 50' at 36" then cut a new piece every month and replace the old one. This has saved me many more dollars over the years and 2 friends that love them. It takes a few minutes to cut and install the new material but is way cheaper than standard ...


In order for your air filters to work correctly, they must be the exact size made for the filter box otherwise yes, dirt, dust, etc. will get sucked right through the gaps. Even if you were to seal the gaps with duct tape, it would only last a little while before it came off. Your AC system will last much longer and be more efficient which will save you more ...


The white stuff is probably calcium (99% of the time)... so your water is "hard". When the water is cooled, the calcium aggregates and precipitates (white stuff). A filter will not remove dissolved ions (like calcium). A water softener will replace calcium with sodium. That should solve the the white precipitate issue. However, before spending money, have ...

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