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I have a Lennox too and I hate the filter situation with a fury of 1000 suns: It's just sitting in the furnace against the return duct - previous owner left a VERY dirty one taped with aluminum tape that took me a long time to peel. I've been using masking tape. One of these days I'll find time to fabricate a filter box to sit between the return duct and ...


Modern residential systems frequently have the filter located at the return-air grill. Look for the large grill where blower air is pulled in from the house; if the grill has small latches and hinge tabs, where it can swing open, it is probably designed to have a slim furnace filter installed behind the grill.


Yes it would be possible to install a filter. You would need some sheet metal and know-how, or you might get lucky and find something pre-made. A qualified HVAC technician could make one easily. You might also consider getting your ducts cleaned to help reduce the dust.

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