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Ok let's talk outdoor staining. You are right that the first thing you need to do is clean off any mold, dirt and green slime. As with decks, a good and cheap solution of TSP, bleach and water is a fine cleaner, no need for expensive premixed stuff. Using a one gallon garden sprayer, apply your TSP/bleach solution. Let it sit a bit, but not dry. Scrub with ...


There are local landscaping companies that would do all of this around me. I would call a couple. Also with a small area some pavers might look a lot nicer than a concrete slab and might save you a lot of money. But before you start anything you need to make sure that your townhouse board is OK with any of this. There might be a specific type of fence ...


Unless you get a general contractor, you'll need both a concrete company and a fencing company. If I were doing this, I'd prep the footings for the fence first, then lay the concrete, and finish with the fencing. Using a bull float to finish the concrete would be extremely difficult in a 5x7 fenced in area. This is likely going to require some degree of ...


Plastic fences/pens are useless for rabbits. They'll chew right through them. What you need is a metal pet pen. You can get them at PetCo or most any pet store. Be sure to get one plenty tall enough as a determined rabbit can jump pretty high.


Why not something like a baby play yard (also called baby fence or baby gate). Some of them are expandable and have adjustable footprints. Images and links provided as examples. Not an endorsment of any goods or source.


I just went through the process of removing a broken-off fence post without removing the concrete pier. Tough job! I expected it would only take a couple of hours, and that replacing just the post would be easier than digging out and breaking out the old pier, disposing of the concrete, and pouring a new pier. Maybe not, though, especially if the old post ...

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