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It looks like a tamper-resistant hex screw. There are specific wrenches for these. Images and links are for illustration only, not an endorsement of goods or sources.


If you are, indeed, replacing the entire faucet, it does not matter what brand they are - only the spacing matters assuming you need to match the existing holes in the wall. If you are repairing the wall, you may simply replace them without concern for the current brand or spacing. If you are replacing internal parts (only) then it might matter.


Very odd, but here's a thought on how to troubleshoot. Shut off water pressure into your water heater. Test each one of your hot water taps. If any of them work, something is mixing cold water into your hot water pipes. Some one-handle faucet and shower fixtures can do this if their internal seals are worn out. Find it and fix it. If they all only work when ...


Yeah, that's weird. Thoughts: Hot water heaters have hot and cooler ends, due to thermodynamics. The hot water should be pulled from the hot end, but that might not be done right, either due to internal weirdness or connecting it backwards. Maybe the hot water heater has multiple coils, and one burnt out? I suggest measuring the temperature of the hot ...


The most likely scenario is that the work on the system disturbed sediment/debris that migrated to your home water piping, plugging up your faucet aerators. Rather than the "quarter turn" you describe (which would accomplish nothing) it is probable that the aerators were removed, flushed, and reinstalled to restore flow. You should remain diligent, it is ...


I have just talked to a Moen Dealer about this problem and I am going to home depot to get a full credit back today. I didn't even need a receipt they are aware of a problem from a couple of years back and have since repaired it.\


The kitchen faucet is a very common type and you just need a set screw of the proper diameter and length to replace the one that's gone missing. Take the handle to a home center's plumbing repair aisle, or to a plumbing supply house, and you should be able to get one. You may want to soak the lever in some vinegar first, to clear the calcification so it's ...


Sprayers don't last forever. You can try replacing the sprayer and hose to see if that solves the problem. There could be some bad washers which are making a poor seal. This could be why you aren't getting a good flow from the sprayer. Since you stated that the current faucet you have is a basic model, you could also invest in a replacement one. These can ...

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