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The faucet needs to be disassembled from the top. I guess you already know how to do that part. If there is calcium build up visible go ahead and use CLR to clean off the build up. Now the important part, get a high quality, pure if possible, Silicone Grease. When I say “pure” what I am saying is make sure it is 90-100% silicone. If it is silicone mixed ...


There are a multitude of manufacturers of hose faucets, both foreign and domestic. The handle spline type and stem size is not standard, there are as many sizes and spline counts as there are manufacturers (hundreds, thousands?). As suggested by @WarLoki, try a good local hardware and/or plumbing shop and you may find a variety of a few different ones. You ...


I have come upon this same thing. The big DIY stores are good for a lot of things, but when it come to some plumbing parts I have had to go to ACE Hardware. They have a much larger rang of items. Good Luck with your hunt,


I'm not a plumbing expert, but I installed a new cartridge in my shower and had this problem. I think a new cartridge was installed in your absence for some reason, and installed incorrectly. Should be an easy fix, shut off house water, take it out and rotate it 180° reinstall, turn water on, should work fine.

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