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It looks as if the end caps are removable, the buttons on the very end of each handle. They may either pry off or unscrew. Then the handles themselves appear to be screwed on. I'm not positive this will allow you access to the washers, but from the photo those parts can be removed.


sometimes, you take the end cap off of the handle, remove the screw. remove the handle (threaded or slide-on fit). then there is a little port for a set screw or just a metal pin that secures it to the top of the valve core upper spline.


Your sprayer unit is not designed to sit at full system pressure, so the faucet unit that it came with is specially designed to shunt water towards the sprayer hose and head only when the sprayer lever is pressed. The faucet itself has an integral diverter valve to perform this function, it sounds like yours is not working right. All faucet brands use their ...


The first repair to try and stop the leak is to use teflon plumbers tape that you can get from any hardware store. Unscrew the part that leaks (it should have male threads). Wrap the threads with the tape by raveling the tape in a clockwise rotation (from the perspective with the threads facing you). 2-3 full wraps should do. Tighten the part by hand than ...


The only company's it similar to is Pegasus, Cascade, and Peerless. Very nice faucet whoever the manufacturer is. Maybe Grohe?


Rather than repair the valve, the other option is to replace it. Shut the water off to this area. Drain the water from the line. Fill a small bucket with water, or use a small bucket to catch the water that drains out of the pipe. Wear a good pair of leather gloves, and eye protection. Open the valve all the way. Use a torch to carefully heat the solder ...


The stem should be able to be removed after unscrewing the part of the faucet as pointed to here: Remove the red tap handle first. Then use a pair of wrenches, one on the indicated part and the other on the faucet body to loosen and remove the threaded part. The usage of two wrenches is very important because you do not want to stress the soldered pipe ...


Any "Plumber's Grease" will lubricate the moving parts. Plumber's Grease is silicone based so it wont dissolve in water and it is viscous enough that it will remain were it is applied.


It seems that Moen has an outstanding customer support, and after emailing them a couple pictures of my faucet to confirm the model they emailed me back instructions to replace the cartridge (along with a confirmation of the cartridge my model was using). S o basically: Turn water supply off Use an allen wrench to remove the faucet's handle Grab the ...

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