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Any screw with a flat shoulder will work just fine. The trick is not splitting the material or protruding. Have a close look at the end of the included drill bit. It has a tip that creates the beginning of the pilot hole for the screw. Make that hole deeper and the proper diameter and you can use any kind of fastener you want.


Yes, those are special pocket hole screws. They're basically just self drilling wood screws (which is why they have the fluted tips). Standard wood screws may work, but you are forced between trying to center a pilot hole at the bottom of your pocket or risk splitting the piece you're screwing into. As far as finding more of them, just search for "pocket ...


If you're trying to completely change the treading on a nut or bolt with a tap and die, I don't think that's going to work very well. You may be able to get a new thread pitch, but it will be interleaved with the existing one, and all you'd be doing is weakening the thread material. If you need to simply fix some mangled threads, then have at. If you're ...

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