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I would strongly discourage your idea of gaining storage space in the manner you are describing. Instead procure some free standing shelving units that you can place along all of the walls. There are a multitude of styles available from rivet lock types to near industrial wire shelving that have adjustable shelves to accommodate varying sized items. Using ...


There are some typical ways to support steel beam in a wall. Choose right section. I guess that I-beam would suit You better than T-beam, as I-beam has two flanges - both will work and make it durable, but apart of this upper one will help You to attach anything (platform), lower one will make it much more load-bearing than web of T-beam (if You intend ...


T-beams can be connected to walls by welding a flat plate onto the end of the T-beam, drilling holes in this endplate, and then bolting through those holes onto the wall. Alternatively, brackets can be bolted to both the wall and the beam. Example of a simple connection. Example of a full moment connection. (Both examples are for I-beams, but the principle ...


I'd have to guess it's the manufacturers' logo. In addition to the indicated grade marking, all grades, except A563 grades O, A and B, must be marked for manufacturer identification. –americanfastener.com

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