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in my judgement, bending the nails halfway secures better the support then hammering the nails entirely. why is this? because the surface of half of the nail's length is larger than the surface of the nail's head. it's all about the contact surface between the nail and the supports. suppose someone tries to pull the pipe. what would keep the bean in place? ...


The nail heads aren't big enough for the holes. At that time carpenters didn't enjoy the vast array of fasteners and installation tools that we do today, so they may have used what was available at the moment. It did the job, right? ~ or ~ The carpenter had intended to replace them with lag screws and forgot. ~ or ~ There's something sensitive to ...


Because it is easy to remove the nails if required to move the post. The nails mostly hold the post in position until the overall weight of the building bears down a lot of pressure on the post. At that point it is mostly friction between the upper post plate and the beam that holds the post in position.


With stucco the wall is two thin for tapcon screws, Since you already have a hole I think your best bet is a molly bolt or toggle that expands once inside the wall fill the hole with calking so no moisture or bugs can find thier way in.

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