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If the fan has a pull chain as well as the remote the pullchain MUST be on high speed. The remote control only slows the fan down. Bottom line is no, you cannot re-wire a ceiling fan like this to make it go faster.


Have you read the manufacturer's documentation? The switches in the remote likely are for setting the transmitters frequency, and have nothing to do with fan speed. Usually fans have a speed selector switch (pull chain) that allows you to select LOW, MED, HIGH, or OFF. If that switch is in the LOW setting, that's as fast as the fan will spin despite ...


I think ThreePhaseEel and A.I. Berveleri have figured this out. That circuit was originally wired for a light only, with a 12/2 cable going up there - hot (black), neutral (white) and ground. Somebody added the fan later on, and they cheated. They used ground for neutral. They used black for the fan and white for the light. First, mark your wires. ...

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