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Chances are its the starter capacitor. This is the device used to give the motor an initial boost of power to overcome the initial load required to get the fan to start. If you can open the fan, you may see this component swelled up and melted, if so, you will need to replace with a suitable candidate (read the text of the starting capacitor)


If you're measuring voltage by touching your probes to the terminals on a single 3-way switch, you're not accomplishing much. Your readings will come out as follows. From common to the closed traveler terminal, you'll read 0 volts. This is because common is electrically connected to this terminal, so they're at the same voltage potential. From common to ...


The best thing to do is purchase the correct fan for the environment that it is going to be installed in. Fans that are made for the outdoor/wet/hot weather are going to cost more, but they are made for that type of environment, and they should come with a warranty. As for adding a protective coating to an existing fan, the only thing that I can think of ...


Sounds like the fan motor is dying. Sadly, nothing lasts forever. The more expensive units can be repaired, but it sounds like you have a cheaper model that isn't made to be repairable. Luckily, cheap ceiling fans are pretty affordable. Mine cost under $40. Time to replace it.

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