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Switching the wire from W to G on both the thermostat and controller board allowed me to use the fan in the summer while disabling the heating call (W). For the winter I'll switch it back since it's a heat-only unit. Otherwise an extra wire from G(thermostat) -> G(controller) would have been needed.


Maybe his range hood is not even recirculating. The first house I bought had a range hood. I thought it would be nice to duct it outside, but when I started to take it apart I found that it had already been configured that way, so it was actually doing nothing at all. After contemplating the project for a while, I just configured it for recirculation, and ...


With GFCI Protection of Devices If you want to provide GFCI protection of the fixture, you'd feed the switches from the LOAD side of the GFCI device. Without GFCI Protection of Devices If you don't want to provide GFCI protection to the devices, you'd feed the switches from the incoming feeder. NOTE: I've labeled one of the dimmer terminals as "C" ...


Your condo violates Code and is unsafe, and your HOA consists of idiots First off -- your condo's existing setup, with a recirculating hood over a domestic gas appliance, is quite clearly a Code violation and a flagrant safety hazard, as IFGC 503.3 strictly prohibits the recirculation of gas appliance exhaust due to the unacceptable CO buildup that would ...

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