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That will work. Code depends on where you live, but I can't see anything wrong with making the junction away from the switch. You might have issues doing all this in the fan box. It might be cleaner to put a small box in the ceiling and do your connections, then have a small run down to the fan. And be smart with placement of recessed lighting above a ...


You may very well be best advised to purchase a replacement fan assembly. It will come with a properly plated base plate. When you replace it then properly plug it in and reinstall the cover panel assembly. You should not operate the freezer without the cover in place so that the fan circulates the air inside the unit in the proper manner.


From my point of view this metal part is a base plate which makes it possible to mount the fan onto the plastic parts. As RedGrittyBrick noted, it is (or better was) zinc-plated. It seems to me, that most of the zinc layer is oxidized and cannot provide galvanic protection anymore. So why did it loose the zinc layer so quickly? If it was behind a cover ...


It sounds like you have a chafed/exposed wire that is shorting out intermittently due to vibration from the fan motor; either that, or the pull switch itself is failing intermittently. If you can get it apart and replace the pull switch (Hunter should be happy to sell you the appropriate spare part if you have the model number of your fan handy), try that, ...


I'm assuming the new switch came with the new light/fan unit. In that case, cap the red wire in both boxes. It must be a communicating switch. So wire it as you would any single-pole light switch and light.


Could be a mechanical problem. Try this: with the power OFF, try to rotate the fan with your finger. It should spin freely for awhile after you poke it. If not, then something is mechanically impeding the travel of the fan blades. Check for anything touching any part of that rotating fan assembly. Maybe some left-over protective packaging that you ...


I had some help from a friend and I think I have the mess worked out.

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