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The concept of a whole house fan is two fold. One is to bring in the cool evening air, the second is to flush out the hot air that is trapped in the attic. Your attic should already be vented enough to allow the incoming air a place to push the hot air out. If you where to make an opening for the fan to vent it, the cool air will just travel straight to ...


You could make an insulated panel that is spring-loaded to the open position. Keep it closed with door holder magnets like this .You could wire the fan and magnets to a double pole switch that cuts magnet power at the same time it turns on power to the fan. Might cost a bit and take some research... but it would be cool (pun intended)!


From the perspective of a motor, a GFCI looks exactly the same as any other circuit breaker. The only difference is that a GFCI has extra circuitry which senses an imbalance between the black and white wires (plus control circuitry to trip the breaker)—nothing more. Many modern ceiling fans seem to be cheaply made. I suspect the failure is a quality ...

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