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Without running an additional switched hot lead, it can be done using radio frequency transmitting switches which control a RF receiver/relay which you would have to wire into the ceiling box. Leviton makes devices like that. They are neither simple nor cheap. In my opinion it would be easier, quicker, and cheaper to fish a new wire or even open the wall. ...


Build a box that goes over the whole fan (on the attic side) in the winter-time. weatherstrip the bottom and weight as needed. This is also my preferred approach to the attic stairs that don't seal worth a darn. Duct-board (foil-stiff_fiberglass-foil) is probably the best material if you can find it - use aluminum foil duct tape for the joints. Nobody seems ...


Check around the farm supply places - they carry big dampers. I used to have one about 36" square (the ex still has it). Try places like here and here.


With that many red and black wires at the fan box you could have travelers for a 3 way in that box. If the switch is a 3 way and you cannot duplicate all of the original connections have an electrican wire it for you.


WD-40 is a penetrating oil and corrosion preventative. As a lubricant, it is quite short term as it tends to evaporate. And the lubrication type for an electric motor depends on the type of bearing. Ball bearings require grease. Flush the bearing with solvent to clean out the old gunk and pack with a light bearing grease. Oilite style sleeve bearings ...


WD40 is NOT an oil or lubricant, at least not longer term than a day or so. You need an oil for motors, like this: http://www.laco.com/lubricants/zoom-spout-oiler/ Zoom Spout Oiler EVERY household should have a bottle of this around.

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