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Walls don't need to breathe--people do! What these people mean is that it is important for walls to be able to dry out when they get wet; that they should not trap moisture. This is true, but is only orthogonally related to "breathability." In practical terms, what this means is that in reasonably moist climates, you want a wood-framed house's wooden ...


If you have a brick house you can put small shreds of paper towel in the weep holes and if you notice any getting pushed out you have found and entry point. Either way these are the most common entry point I know of.


If you wish to preserve the brick exterior, you have the following options, depending on the wall construction: If you have a structural brick wall (e.g. multiple-wythe brick or brick veneer on block) then you will have to insulate the wall from the inside. This will entail applying rigid insulation board--either foam or mineral wool--over the inside of ...


Your two options are going to be insulation batting or spray foam. Batting is cheap, easy enough to do as a DIYer and will easily come in under your price tag. The other spray foam is more expensive and typically requires professional install. There is a DIYer kit out there but I have never used them. Professional install you are looking at way over ...


When we moved into this house, the sliding door from our bedroom to the deck-over-flat-roof-with-no-railing was fastened shut with a single very long (4" maybe?) screw. The house inspector said that was so that it was our responsibility if we unscrewed it and started using the door. If you're not worried about legal liability, just want to stop people using ...


A quick and easy way to disable a door is to remove the door handle. Most doors have at least a handle operated latch that requires the handle to be turned before the door can be opened. If necessary you can make a blanking plate to cover the place where the handle fitted. This could be a piece of wood (or metal or plastic) cut to the right shape, with ...


A common way to handle this, is to build a railing in front of the door. You'll see houses built where a deck was optional, that have a railing built in front of the sliding door. Something like this... The best way to find out what is acceptable, is to contact the people who will be determining if your solution is acceptable.

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