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Definitely keep the garage attic fan (and install one in the house if appropriate). The one change I would make is to upgrade the fan (or convert it) to run on solar power. It's only needed on hot days anyway, which often have more than enough sun to run the fan. A nice simple first solar project!


The fan is meant to remove excessively hot air to make the air conditioning less expensive. The exhausted attic air should be replaced by air from outside, not from inside the house. The garage ceiling should be (mostly) sealed to prevent air movement between the attic and garage. Unless it is a structure built before about 1960. Also, the attic fan ...


Negative pressure in your garage is far more likely to be relieved through flimsy overhead door seals than from inside the adjacent home (presumably through the service door weather seals alone). However, it's probably not doing you much economic good to have a fan running in the garage attic. What little energy you save conditioning your home (with its ...

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