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A simple on/off switch is best for a fan. This is a 'single-pole' switch. For a rocker style, something like this would work http://www.homedepot.com/p/Leviton-Decora-15-Amp-Single-Pole-AC-Quiet-Switch-White-R72-05601-2WS/100058788 The switch will most likely be rated for 15 amps. This is fine, the switch must be the same as or more than the fan.


Don't put anything in the path of the outlet of a dryer, the reason is lint will catch on it and build up which can lead to a fire. What you want to do is join the two lines so that the airflow is like a Y so that air from each dryer will flow outward to a single pipe. You can find the fittings in the HVAC area of stores. Air likes to take the easiest path ...

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