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In rooms with no shower or bath, 25' should be no problem. Just run the smooth wall pipe and go with 4" diameter. For the rooms with showers and baths it should not be a problem if you can get it go vertical into the attic, then slope towards the exit. Even at 25' it should not be a problem. You could even possibly use ABS pipe for the sloped run because ...


As others have said going up is not a problem, it is the horizontal after that bites. Did you know that galvanized ducting can rust? Did you know that rusty pipe holds lint very well and is impossible to clean? Did you know that dryer lint can mold? Here is what I would do If I had to put that dryer back into service: brand new galvanized dryer duct for the ...


It really doesn't make any difference when it comes to lint build up. But you might consider putting a secondary lint trap near the dryer to help reduce the amount of lint trapped in the line.


Presumably you're referring to the exhaust vent for a hot water heater? If you have a high-efficiency condensing heater then it sounds like one of the vent joints wasn't properly glued: Find the joint and replace or reglue it. If you don't have a PVC exhaust then you need to provide more detail.

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