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I would say you are talking about the bathroom exhaust fan. If so, does it vent all the way to your roof or run between floor joists? It could be a number of things. Clogged, not insulated and moisture freezes then thaws and drips back.


Exhaust ducts can make areas dramatically colder. In a cold climate, there should be a vent flap near the fan that closes to prevent air flowing into the room - but these commonly only do a so-so job. A better fix is installing a vent cap with flappers on the exterior of the duct. Because these have much more room to work with, and endure exterior ...


I did this setup and would NOT recommend it. I have an 80cfm panasonic in a small bathroom and a 110cfm older fan in my main bathroom. I used the same dampers shown above, the cloth ones. Plus each fan has its own damper built into the housing. The run is only perhaps 6ft total and I ran two 4" into a 6". When both fans are running at the same time ...

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